Wednesday, May 14, 2014


The house will be auctioned this coming weekend, and my colloquium papers are due in four and a half weeks. The colloquia is in six and a half week. The Federal budget came out yesterday and as an unemployed, student, mother, living with a disability, on a pension, who sometimes requires medical assessment and medications, I'm a seven times loser.

I am trying to gain employment; that is what this degree is about. I am desperately hoping that once I've passed my colloquia seminar, I'll be offered tutoring work which will provide me with the essential teaching experience I lack amongst all my qualification.

The Government does not want to make it easy for me, or people in my situation to become more skilled and more employable though. As of next January, there will be no more pensioner education supplement (which I don't get but used to get and it helped me get my first masters), there will be no more education entry payment (which I also don't get, but did get once, and it really helped pay for textbooks).

As a person who will most likely soon be seeking new housing, I will be have less income to declare on my applications as the FTB B will disappear, and the supplement bonus cutbacks will see our family over $2000 harder up per annum.

And if we were to become homeless, the research project on homelessness has been cut, and homelessness assistance has been cut.

We will have to pay $70 per annum more for doctor's visits, and who knows how much more for medications!

Oh, they say they want to give the Grumpy Old Man up to 10K to get a job, but not a cent of that money will be paid until he's been employed for six months, only then will his prospective new employer get $3000, and six months later another $3000, and six months after that $2000 and finally, if the Grumpy Old Man manages to stay employed for two years, the new employer will get the final payment of $2000. But what employer is going to take on my husband for a pay out between six months and two years away? Especially when there will be so many more desperate 25-30 year old willing to cut throat for the same job because they have no income at all for six months…

As a panelist on Q and A the other night said. 'We have an economy, but we no longer have a society.' Of course, this would please good old Tones, because well, his hero, Maggie Thatcher, once said, 'There is no society, there is only the individual.'

So, you might think the heading of this blog post refers to my own denial. And it would not be completely surprising if I felt a need to stick my head in the ground and whisper in soft tones to myself, 'I want to go home, I want to go home.' because we now live in a strange place that no longer resembles the Australia I used to be so homesick for in 1980s…

However, it is not my denial I'm referring to, but rather the denial of the people who voted this Government in. The delusional state they must have been in when they ticked the boxes on their ballot papers and somehow convinced themselves Tony Abbott and his cronies would take care of them. It is the denial some people still have that Australia is actually one of the shining economic lights on this global, not the crisis ridden state the Government would have us believe. The denial that allows people to think that pushing families and the vulnerable in society to the brink, while only temporarily imposing pitiful tax on the wealthy is worthwhile for the sake of the demented beast Tones worships, call the economy.


Wake up Australia, have some courage, some hearts, and some brains - rise up against this Government for the sake of the greater majority for whom life just became a hell of a lot tougher!

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