Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The House Sold...

I started this blog post on Monday, but didn't get far before being called away. That's probably a good thing as it saves me posting about the sale of the house twice.

You see on Monday I was going to tell you the house sold for over 100K above asking price, which was an excellent outcome for the owners. They thanked us with flowers and chocolates, which was lovely.

We were told on Saturday that the new owners were investors who wanted to rent the place out for a year or two before developing it in 3-5 years time, and that we would be given first refusal on renting the property.

That all sounded pretty good to us, getting to stay in the house for a couple of more years was exactly what we were hoping for.

On Monday night, the Grumpy Old Man told his mum, and when he made it all sound set in stone, I felt very uneasy about taking so much for granted and warned him things might not turn out exactly as we'd been told on Saturday. He thought I was being overly pessimistic.

Yesterday we received a called from the sales real estate agent asking if we would allow surveyors onto the property on Thursday.

Hello, this is exactly what happened at our last place.

He told us the new owners were looking at keep us on until February next year. That's not 'A year or two.' That's barely nine months - and only four months from settlement.

So, it looks like we'll be moving after all.

There is some confusion at the moment about when the management of the property will be handed over to the new owners. The agent, yesterday, seemed to suggest it would be in a couple of week's time - which means they could give us two weeks notice any time after that. The Grumpy Old man rang the current agent to see if that was likely, she didn't seem to think that was usual practice, but couldn't tell us if this could happen in the old owners agreed to special circumstances.

The Grumpy Old Man told his mum last night. We were hoping she would see the time to consolidate our finances had come - she is heavily reliant on our care these days - but she is not in that frame of mind yet.

The thought of moving into yet another temporary home has ben feeling sick. I just can't face it. I can't face looking for another place, applying, moving and not knowing how long we'll have in that place before we're moved on again.

We found this place easily - very easily! But we aren't in as good a position this time because we will have lived in three properties in five years now, which will not look good on the application for when we have no taxable income.

I hate this!

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