Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Will the 12th Doctor have the same sense of wonder the 11th Doctor had?

Let's take a break from all the discussion of stress and study and talk about something far more enjoyable!

Not long now until season 8 of new Who is launched (okay, so it's about 2.5 months, but seriously it's never too early to get excited). Of course, we're kicking off with a brand new Doctor - in fact, a whole new life cycle of The Doctor! It's very exciting but also a little scary. It's a lot like a first date, isn't it? We have no idea what he'll be like, we've only really seen his photo, and very short (I mean REALLY short) taste of his talent in the last Christmas Special). It wasn't enough to form an opinion from.

The new Doctor will be older and I'm not about to suggest that is a bad thing. Let's face it, the very first Doctor we saw was an old man who progressively seemed to get younger. Maybe that is what will happen now. Of course, who the next 'next Doctor' is, or even if there is another Doctor after Capaldi will depend wholly on the success of this new Doctor - so let's start with him.

My biggest question at the moment is will the new Doctor have the sense of wonder the last Doctor had?

This is what I'm talking about…

Matt Smith was absolutely priceless with his ability to tap into the child in the Doctor. That ability to see things for the first time despite a millennia of life experience was nothing less than inspiring. Tennant didn't do this, Eccleston certainly didn't even come close to doing this. This was something almost unique to Smith - though I have heard it said Trouton had this ability (I haven't seen much of Trouton as I was only born in the early 70s).

I'm sure wonderment isn't essential to The Doctor, it's just that I'll miss this aspect of his character so much if the 12th Doctor doesn't possess it.

The 12th Doctor looks a bit scary to me. I'm sure that's just because I haven't seen him in action, but he looks like someone who can be quite ruthless (and the 11th could be ruthless, he actually had something of a temper when things weren't going his way).

He doesn't look like someone who might look for the fun in things the 11th Doctor did, though he might have the potential to be a bit unstable, I think, perhaps not playful though.

Time will tell! <~~~~ See what I did there? Ha!

And we'll see two new companions as well, which should be interesting because companions have always deeply impacted how The Doctor operates, which role he takes on; grandfather, mentor, father, boyfriend (oh, come on, the 10th and Rose were pretty just in a platonic courtship), mate - no, not that kind of mate, mate! -, friend, or son-in-law, it really all comes down to the companions… Let's hope they bring out the best in him!

I wish we had a launch date, I want to start a count down calendar - this is my 'something to look forward to' when life seems all-too-hard...

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