Today is the biggest day of this year for me!

I do realise that with more than six months remaining of the year, that's quite a statement, but I believe it is true.

You see, today I'm going to hand in my Colloquium Document (totally worthy of capitalisation), for review. In about two weeks I'll then have a meeting with four other academics where I will explain my thesis proposal and answer questions, but today is the very last day that I will work on the document that those academics will base all their questions on.

Today is the culmination of 12 months work. All the creative work, all the research, and writing the first chapter of my thesis (which I'm now thinking may need to be two chapters, but that's an issue for after the colloquium).

I have until Monday to hand this document in but, well, my supervisor feels it's great as is. I really, really, really hope she's right!

Wish me luck!