Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Hello dear regular reader...

It's funny, I've been writing this blog for 8.5 years and in recent years I've kept a stat counter running in the background so I am able to see how many people visit the blog and whence they hail, it's a very one sided relationship, but I don't mind. Most visitors to the blog are just passing through, checking out my galifreyan tramp stamp design (which, I probably will never get), or reading levels in primary school (these posts are oddly popular). Some, though, have become regulars and I find myself looking for them in the stats.

I have a regular reader in Canberra - I know you'll read this because you come to the blog most days, occasionally two or three times a day. I have a regular in Balwyn and another in Glen Waverley. There is a regular in Box Hill - who may or may not be a mum from school. I have a regular who comes up as 'Melbourne' but without a suburb designation - hi there, I really appreciate your dedication to my blog (in case you aren't sure if I'm talking about you, you use iinet…)! And a big shout out to my faithful reader in Kogarah, nice to have a regular from my birth state!

There are many others, but these stand out in my mind! I'm not really sure why you all stop by so persistently - I often wonder if this isn't the most boring blog on the net - but, I'm not complaining because some days you are all the only people who cause me to feel heard. I am very grateful for my regular readers!

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