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On the eve of my colloquium...

This week has been interesting. Our car's alternator died on Saturday - after 15.5 years of service, so we can't really complain about that. The car went into the shop on Monday and we got her back yesterday afternoon - she purrs now!

This meant mum has almost been living at our house for three days, ferrying us all around, which has been completely brilliant - I don't know what we would have done, otherwise, particularly with the horrid weather Melbourne has had this week!

I haven't gotten into the office like I had hoped this week though. As for 'thinking about nothing but the colloquium' as I was advised by my supervisor, yes, well, that was never really on the cards, but it's been even more challenging that usual this week.

Yesterday Lukas entered teen hood, and to celebrate we got him a couple of t-shirts and a box of Nutri-grain…

Well, that is what he thought, anyway…

We had a bit of fun with him because he'd asked for an amp, or a new base guitar (he's been playing my brother's old guitar which is a regular guitar modified to play base, but not a 'real base'). I hate it when kids ask for something for their birthday and then just get it and there becomes an expectation that they will always get whatever they demand for their birthday, Christmas etc. One day we might not be able to scrape together what is needed for a present and then they'll be horribly disappointed and feel let down, so I like to keep them practiced in grace in the reception of gifts.

Lukas did very well, I was proud of him. He managed to be gracious even when he believe he was only getting a couple of tees and a box of Nutrigrain for his birthday.

So, then we brought out the amp and he was SO excited!!!

Then I sent him into the master bedroom and told him there was another accessory waiting for him there. When he saw the guitar, he was beside himself!

Oh look, I published this before I finished writing!

Okay, so one boy's dream come true - for the time being anyway!

Besides the car breaking down, and Lukas' birthday, I also attended the lunch hosted by the Mature Age Student Club on Monday. It was well-attended, which was awesome! I met and spoke with another research student who - shock horror - is actually doing Creative Writing! It was fantastic to actually speak to someone else who is doing something similar to me! We're both hoping to round up some more Creative Writing researchers at Deakin and maybe get some sort of supportive community going (hey, it's important to have dreams, right!).

Bryn and Ari received their reports (last Friday, I think?) and they were both wonderful to read! Both boys received Bs - yes, even Ari (I was pretty impressed with that, and in numeracy as well - we have no idea where that comes from, ha!). It was really nice to read reports and not cringe. I know reports aren't that important, but so often they read like a complaint that we (the parents) are somehow "doin' it 'rong" because our kids are restless in class. Nice to see acknowledgement that our kids are actually doing okay!

It's been a big week, but the biggest day is yet to come. I hope I get some sleep tonight!!!


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