Looks like I took a break, after all...

I wasn't going to take that break my supervisor implored me to take, but then I woke up on Monday feeling all drained, and Tuesday I had braille, and Wednesday I had to be home for some other reason (which I just cannot remember right now). Thursday I needed to run errands at Centrelink and Friday we went to the school uniform shop. And then it was the weekend, of course, which was full on with birthday activities and sleep overs and lots and lots and lots of driving. So, on Monday, I couldn't face leaving the house, which really needed to be cleaned anyway. Yesterday was braille - and Friday will be braille as well.

Today, I've been a sloth. Though, as an excuse, I'll say we had some fierce winds here last night and our side gate was BANGING every couple of minutes the entire night, so I didn't get much sleep and that lead to a significant sleep in today.

The day hasn't been wholly unproductive...

I taught myself to rice paper rolls!

I know they're simple to make, but I'm no cook, so they intimidated me. These were very plain, just some iceberg lettuce, carrot and triple smoked ham. I plan to get some more interesting fillings happening. This is all part of a plan I have going at the moment to save money and eat a bit better than I have been recently. I bought myself a bento lunch box, like this one:


I'm going to take lunch to work each day, and the spring rolls will be part of that - not every day, of course, because I'd quickly get bored, but some days. I'm going to mix it up with fruit, and veg, dips etc.

As well as this, I have bought a recumbent bike. I have been considering getting one for a long time, and this tax time has allowed me to make it happen (don't get your knickers in a not, I've put a bundle of money into the high school account, and have another lump sum set aside in a savings account for school fees, car rego/insurance etc).


The recumbent bike is something the Grumpy Old Man's doctor recommended - all but pleaded with - us to get. You see the Grumpy Old Man went to the doctor over a year ago about the excruciating pain in his legs. The doctor said then that if the Grumpy Old Man didn't lose some weight and strengthen the muscles in his legs, he would be in a wheelchair in five years. Well, in the year since, the GOM has actually put on weight. This is not good.

A recumbent bike allows him to build the muscles in his legs with low impact exercise.

And I'm going to use the bike, too. Since my sight has started to deteriorate further this year, I've found walking around outside more and more challenging. I'm never sure of where I'm putting my feet and I have a lot of anxiety about rolling my ankles or falling over. So, I haven't been getting much exercise. I've put on weight as well, which is uncomfortable. So, I'm going to use the bike to get some exercise.

I also got an exercise and sleep so I can see just how much exercise and sleep I'm actually getting (I don't think I'm getting enough of either, and the result is a very tired, anxious me).

So, I'm looking forward to feeling a bit more energetic and getting better sleep, soon!