Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The calling of colour...

Last week I watched the first two seasons of Devious Maids. I am acutely aware that this is trash television, but sometimes only trash television can balance out the demands of life - for me anyway.

I love the aesthetic of series like Beverly Hills 90210, Private Practice, Desperate Housewives. I quite like watching beautiful people live pathetic lives in gorgeous surrounds. It is very soothing to me. Call this my dark side, if you will.

Anyway, watching Devious Maids this last week, I was intrigued by the artworks used in sets for the interiors of these luxury homes. Some were quite classical, but being that many of the characters are in their mid-thirties and forties, a lot of the artwork was abstract and colourist - just my thing.

I haven't painted in almost a year.

The main reason for this is that I have something like thirty paintings laying about with no prospect of finding a home. I have loaned some to the mature age student room on Deakin's Burwood campus, but I'll take those back at the end of this trimester. I have my favourite painting at my desk in my office…

Anyway, watching Devious Maids and seeing these large canvas paintings on the sets has re-inspired me to paint. Unlike the poured painting I was doing last year, I feel drawn to more purposeful abstract colour work using brushes and not medium. I may or may not reuse old canvases with paintings I'm not all that happy with anymore. It is harder to do because I used various varnishes but it might be worth a try and might yield some interesting effects. The canvas I used for Harvest Moon (above) was reworked after I scrapped a painting which had not turned out as I hoped and this re-working gave the new painting a lot of texture and dimension.

Watch this space for new paintings...

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