Monday, August 25, 2014

Family, memoir, all the stories...

I went to a session at the Melbourne Writer's Festival yesterday; Family with Ben Watt and Rupert Thomson, hosted by Sian Prior, author of Shy.

I went because the creative piece I'm writing for my thesis is a family memoir of sorts - though not strictly because it is a fictionalisation of family stories and not so much my own memory of events (certainly not events from two hundred years ago).

It was fascinating because people are fascinating.

I have to admit I didn't realise Ben Watt as one half of 'Everything but the Girl', so, I can honestly say I went with no preconceptions of the authors.

I've decided I need to work on my words. I need better language. Listening to the readings of the two male author's books (Ben Watt's Romany and Tom, and Rupert Thomson's This Party's Got to Stop).

Ben's reading, in particular, made me want to be a better writer (yes, I know, I'm totally stealing a line from 'As Good as it Gets' and I'm being corny, and I really couldn't care less because it's the truth).

I tell everyone I meet that every family has a story, the most amazing stories. Ben and Rupert proved this, yet again yesterday. I challenge all my readers to think about their family stories, there is something extraordinary in your family's history that deserves being documented, all families are interesting!

Also, today, I'd like to leave you with my theme song. I heard this on the radio this morning, and was reminded that I need to add this to the list of music that MUST be placed at my funeral. I have a number of songs which are messages from me to my kids, and to Dave, but this is the song I want all my friends and family to hear and think of me when they hear it!

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