Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Time Slip...

I keep losing time.

One of my friends suggested I might be The Doctor - nice thought, but no.

I'm very, very busy, and yet I sometimes feel like I'm doing nothing at all. I am being very buddhist of late - very living in the moment. This is supposed to be a great thing, but I'm not so sure because every now and then I feel like I wake up and realise that while I was busy doing A and B, I was neglecting C and D - all of which are very important.

When I'm focused on the kids and stuff at home, I am neglecting my research and preparing for the conference, and vice versa.

Don't get me wrong, I love to be busy, I just don't feel that I'm keeping track of everything very well.

Today's plan, for example, was to come to work, do an hour, go to a workshop for an hour, do two more hours, then go to a seminar for an hour, do one more hour of work, then go pick the kids up from school, do Erik's therapy etc.

It just doesn't work like that though. By the time I actually sat down at my desk I had half an hour until the workshop. Half way through the workshop I received a call from our real estate agent (which I didn't take, but she left a message) needing to reschedule an appointment. So, then I became preoccupied with figuring out when we might have time to slot her in next, and calling her back. Back at my desk I had a brief conversation with a lovely peer, and now I'm writing this post. The only thing I've done towards the work I was going to get done today is send a document to be printed, which I will pick up at the library when I head down there for the seminar. in just under an hour. At least that is more than I achieved all of last week.

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