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Why I love my blog...

This week has been full on, man!

Our younger two boys had school musical performances in the ambition 'Seussical the Musical' on Monday and Tuesday nights. The Grumpy Old Man and I attended the Tuesday night encore performance and had front row seats to see our little cuties with all their school pals. I was really impressed. This was a proper musical with a story arch and speaking parts and the whole she-bang. The new performing arts teacher has excelled himself! It was very entertaining, our boys, though both had chorus roles, were awesome!

Bryn in the red tshirt, singing!

Ari making absolutely sure mummy can see him!
 On Wednesday night we attended an information session for the older boys' individualised learning plans for next year (and beyond). It was AMAZING. Our high school is AMAZING! It wouldn't be for everyone, but oh my it certainly is for us, and I will blog about everything we learned in the next couple of days.

Today I have been working on the finishing touches for tomorrow's AGM for the Mature Age Student Club. I spent all of Monday doing updating the membership spreadsheets, writing the agenda, locating the minutes from last year and so on. Today I updated the membership spreadsheets again, and printed out a whole lot of stuff for the meeting tomorrow, as well as writing up the secretary's report.

I have been talking a lot about being stressed lately, and you will be relieved to hear that I am now taking steps to relieve some of the stress. I will be seeing a GP on Monday, partially to get forms filled in to apply for the Grumpy Old Man to become mine and Erik's carer (I am currently Erik's carer), but also to get mental health plans for myself and Erik.

But here is why I love my blog. I overshare a fair bit on here. It's easy, I don't have a lot of concept that anyone is really reading my posts. I do see the visitors on Statcounter, but well, people don't often comment, so it's hard to feel exposed, so to speak. But this week I received an email from a reader who has emailed me before. It was really supportive and had some great advice, and so I asked the reader for permission to post the contents of the email here, as she gave me permission.

I love hearing from my readers!

Dear Sif 

What a bundle you are carrying - you must do something. When I was an apprentice in a printing factory sometimes there was so much to do and customers where scolding, colleges were yelling for their jobs handed over to them and I was in tears as nothing happened to change things or lessen the stress. An old typographer then said: If you take the jobs that take the least time to finish, no matter where they are in the line, you can handle then over to the printers and they will shut up while printing them and your desk will look less heavy and your eyes see that something happened. It is not always that you have to do things for them that yell loudest, you have to do things so you can live with them and save yourself so you can work some more. 
Much truth is in this. And if one lifts up the whole packet at once (as I think you are doing) it becomes so heavy and the sight gets clogged and filled completely by this packet.  

Dear Sif, do untangle your tasks and heavy burden, lay it out and ask yourself: What can I finish now and then shovel it away? What can be done in next week or the week after so I get piece to enjoy the things I do next? 

I ask you to forgive me for "preaching" like an old aunt but I have been were you are now. Worries only make us sick and carelessness does that also. So it is the hard-to-find-way of the middle course. 

Púff.Yours Thora Elfa
Thank you Thora, I will most definitely be taking your advice and untangling my tasks!

In other good news: last night I received a 'heads up' about a symposium being held here are Deakin in collaboration with my alma mata (Canberra University) at the beginning of October. I've put my hand up to present at the symposium, so hopefully I will get to do that and it will add to my experience and exposure!

I have decided to ask around about what I need to do about getting some sort of work at Deakin (either research or tutoring, but actually I'd be willing to do anything at this point) because I really need some form of income if I'm going to continue this PhD.


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