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Late night philosophy - asserting ego...

The Grumpy Old Man and I had a conversation last night about why people feel the need to 'be somebody'. It really got me thinking. Of all the people I have known who have died, none of them were 'somebody', in the sense of being famous, or contributing to human existence in a way that is remembered by the masses long after they lived.

They were all good people, they lived good lives.

The Grumpy Old Man was remembering an old friend of his who lived in apparently misery his entire life, and commented that his life was 'such a waste', I countered with the idea that the misery of that men created a benchmark for other people, in as much as if some people weren't miserable all their lives, other people wouldn't have something by which to measure their happiness.

So much of our societal experience is about 'success', and the definition of success varies considerably. Some people believe money is success, and the more you have of it, the more successf…

Such beautiful weather!

Spring finally found Melbourne! Not surprising really, like clockwork it wait until the Spring equinox, and every farmer knows that is really when Spring kicks in.  From today the days will be longer, and the nights will be shorter, more sunlight hours means two things; an overall rise in temperatures, and a much happier Sif.

My affectation by the seasons is legendary.

Another reason I'm feeling much lighter today (besides the fact I have classic Wham! blaring through my headphones) is that I just handed in a draft of my conference paper to the my associate supervisor. Being a draft, I expect it will need a bit of work to polish up for submission in a week's time, but having a week to get that work done feels almost like a holiday!

I kind of feel that researching and writing this paper has been a big deviation from my thesis writing. In particular I haven't written anything creative towards this thesis in a while (I'm still writing creatively, but not stuff I would be …

The Cause...

I'm not sure that I'm particularly sensitive, but I have the ability to see anger. That is, I can walk into a room, or read something in a book, or on the net and it's like there is a thin, red film over what I'm perceiving, and that film is anger. I also see other emotions, a yellow film for joy, a green film for peace, and orange film for love and so on, but anger is the one that stands out.

I have a tendency to surround myself with intelligent, reflective people. People who are concerned about society and what is happening in society. These people almost invariably have a favourite cause, be it animal rights, children's rights, women's rights, or more generally human rights.

Unfortunately, this means I'm exposed to a lot of anger. It is unavoidable unless I cocoon myself away in a room by myself, and sometimes I do.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not immune to righteous anger (I use that term very loosely as righteous has negative overtones and is very

I need to learn to sew...

I'm in that terrible position where I have a favour style of pants... These...

I have three pair. They're from Oh My Gauze and they are no longer in production! My three pair are becoming threadbare (that will happen with clothing made from gauze), and they are now very difficult to track down online. 
The design is very simple, they're a basic wide-legged pant which is gathered in pleats at the bottom and hemmed into a wide band. I would say a person with basic machine sewing skills could probably make them.
I need to learn how to sew! STAT!

Nine kinds of Crazy...

The title of this post describes the last week for me.

Last week we had the parent/teacher/student conferences at the high school for the older two boys. That was hard work. Both boys seem to be struggling with concepts of responsibility, commitment and hard work.

I'm trying to be understanding. Puberty is a tough time. There is so much going on, and most of it is way more interesting than doing school work, but how do I get them to understand that teachers works hard to prepare classes and having students who don't pay attention, muck around with their friends, or simply refuse to turn up because they've decided they're no longer interested in the class is not only rude, but also letting themselves down.

Two of Lukas' teachers were set to jump over the desk and throttle him. I said to one that she seemed fed up, she replied that that was quite an understatement. The other teacher, a rather hip looking, friendly sort, started out mildly perplexed and by the end of …

Hi there Spring...

We made it!

Winter is done and dusted for another year and we survived, yay us!

Actually, Melbourne is doing it wrong again, weather wise. We have amazing sunny, warm weather last week, but yesterday - the very first day of spring - the barometer dropped through the floor with a sonic boom!

Oh well, it won't be long until it warms up again.

In light of that I've gotten stuck into my tattoos again.

So, augmenting the existing book and smoke tattoo which was left unfinished from last summer. Now, keep in mind a few things. First and foremost, the tattoo is not finished yet, not by a long shot. Basically, this last weekend we mapped out the butterflies and got the outlines inked. Also, these outlines are rough, and need smoothing. Also, the ink is still oozing a bit in this picture and the wound is very, very fresh and I tend to puff up a fair bit. So, keep all those things in mind. We're giving this one a rest for a couple of weeks, to heal. Then we'll go in and smooth i…