Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Hi there Spring...

We made it!

Winter is done and dusted for another year and we survived, yay us!

Actually, Melbourne is doing it wrong again, weather wise. We have amazing sunny, warm weather last week, but yesterday - the very first day of spring - the barometer dropped through the floor with a sonic boom!

Oh well, it won't be long until it warms up again.

In light of that I've gotten stuck into my tattoos again.

So, augmenting the existing book and smoke tattoo which was left unfinished from last summer. Now, keep in mind a few things. First and foremost, the tattoo is not finished yet, not by a long shot. Basically, this last weekend we mapped out the butterflies and got the outlines inked. Also, these outlines are rough, and need smoothing. Also, the ink is still oozing a bit in this picture and the wound is very, very fresh and I tend to puff up a fair bit. So, keep all those things in mind. We're giving this one a rest for a couple of weeks, to heal. Then we'll go in and smooth it out and add colour and highlights. We'll go over the book as well to freshen that up. And there may be another element added that I've thought of, but haven't brought up with Mike yet. Oh, these butterflies are glass wing butterflies, so there won't be colour added to the main part of the wings, but rather to the tips and edges.

Next weekend we're adding to the feather tattoo on the other arm. We'll be added three new elements (not all in one sitting), so stay tuned.

On the PhD front, I have this month to nail down the paper for peer review via the conference in Wellington. Speaking of the conference, I STILL haven't receive my birth certificate which I spent an extra $50 to have sent within 5 working days almost a MONTH ago! I'm going to ask for a refund, seriously!

I have a lead on writing another peer reviewed paper for an online publication. So, that's something else to get excited about.

What else? Oh yes, the boys did their 5 year high school plan on the weekend. Lukas is going to do Elite Music with a second string in business management and Erik will do Elite Art (when it starts in 2016, until then he's doing Art Elective and Studio Art, and his second string will be philosophy - these choices aren't set in stone, of course, but this is what they think they'll be interested in doing for now. Neither boy wants to deviate from the regular start time, which actually surprises me, I thought for sure they're opt for the 10.30 start. Another interesting point (for me, anyway) is that Erik, who loathes maths, has opted to do three units of maths where he only really needs to do one to pass VCE.

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