Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Such beautiful weather!

Spring finally found Melbourne! Not surprising really, like clockwork it wait until the Spring equinox, and every farmer knows that is really when Spring kicks in.  From today the days will be longer, and the nights will be shorter, more sunlight hours means two things; an overall rise in temperatures, and a much happier Sif.

My affectation by the seasons is legendary.

Another reason I'm feeling much lighter today (besides the fact I have classic Wham! blaring through my headphones) is that I just handed in a draft of my conference paper to the my associate supervisor. Being a draft, I expect it will need a bit of work to polish up for submission in a week's time, but having a week to get that work done feels almost like a holiday!

I kind of feel that researching and writing this paper has been a big deviation from my thesis writing. In particular I haven't written anything creative towards this thesis in a while (I'm still writing creatively, but not stuff I would be submitting for the thesis). It makes me nervous. What if I lose touch with what I'm trying to do?

Meanwhile, I have found a theory - or maybe it is theories, I need to investigate further - which I can use to support my thesis, and that means I've found theorists whose work I feel an affinity with. I knew there had to be someone out there thinking the same thinks I've been thinking, but if, as a researcher, you don't have the exact terms, it can take a lot of scratching about to find the people and works that are relevant to what you are doing.

Anyway, today is all warm and summery and right now I have no work to stress about. So, I'm going to take an early mark and go buy some yarn for the two blankets I started a while ago!

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