Get ready, steady... Go!

I sent off the paper for peer review last Tuesday morning. At the end of the first week of November I should get it back for revisions before it is published. I am so exciting, and a little nervous. I hope there aren't too many revisions to do, or worse that they say it is an utter piece of shit and I should go hide under a rock and never show my face in academic circles again - but I'm hoping that is very unlikely.

The Write/Connect symposium is on this coming week, and I'm hoping it turns out to be everything is proposed to be, and I might make a real connection to do some collaborative research and get another paper published. In any case, it will be good practice for speaking about my topic and working on the involuntary shakes and dry mouth that happen when I get up to speak. It's so odd, I don't feel nervous about speaking, I do it all the time, but in formal situations I still get shaky and dry. This symposium is supposed to be very relaxed as symposiums go, and I'm speaking just after lunch on the first day, so after that I can relax and enjoy myself.

I've been wrestling with going to Wellington. Just not sure how I will swing it, and it would be so easy for me to opt out because it is all too confronting (again, not the presenting bit, but rather the travelling alone to a place I don't know). I've decided to take the bull by the horns this week and get registration and flights bought and then start the refund process for accommodation and sustenance costs when I get there. I have also decided to get a cane to make my vision impairment more readily recognised by strangers when I'm travelling. I have asked to be signed up for mobility training, though I don't know if that can be arranged in time. I think in 2015 I'll be put in an application for a guide dog because I am far too reliant on Dave and mum, and friends to escort me everywhere. People are neither canes nor guide dogs.

This weekend is busy. I'm in the middle of transcribing my presentation to braille, both for braillng consolidation and for practising my presentation.

As well as this I'm going to the Princess theatre tomorrow night to review the musical play, 'Once'! I'll be putting a review for the piece here on the blog on Sunday, or Monday.

On Sunday, I'm going to my favourite movie theatre in Melbourne, The Astor, to see 'Gone with the Wind', I might do a review on that as well!

So, it's all happening around here!