Monday, November 10, 2014

We will control the horizontal. We will control the vertical...

Wouldn't it be lovely to be in control?

I think so!

Hey there, long time, no see! A lot has been happening around here in the past four weeks, and by 'here' I mean somewhere quite different from where we were four weeks ago. You see, we moved house.

We didn't move far, only about two kilometres from our previous house. We are still renting. We weren't willing movers, but it had to be done. It became clear that MIL was simply not ready to pack up her house, and yet, we knew we couldn't stay in our previous rental (and utterly perfect as it was) because it is due to be razed to the ground in February.

The thought of moving in the middle of the school holidays, in the heat, with a deadline on us was too much for me, so I told The Grumpy Old Man we needed to bite the bullet and move before I went to Wellington at the end of November. That way we could enjoy Christmas without a move hanging over our heads. We had to find a house that MIL could also stay in once her legs gave up.

So, we're in a house where the boys have their own rooms, for the time being, at least until MIL moves in with us. So far since moving here we have discovered that Telstra cannot supply cable to this house, and their ADSL connection is crap. So, we've had to move to Optus, which I said I would never do. Also, the washing machine has died.

Ari fractured his wrist at school last Thursday, so we spent a fun-filled five hours at the new Box Hill Hospital emergency department, which cost us $30 in parking. Seriously, I think if you have to attend the ED and it turns out there really was something wrong with you, they should validate your parking, because the parking bill literally adds insult to injury!

I have also had mobility training and gotten my first white cane. I'm still too self-conscious to use it but I can see that I really do need to start using it. It just feels so odd to take it out around people who have known me forever and start waving it around.

My passport arrived. Also, this morning, though not without tears, I did finally manage to submit my reimbursement application. I'm really hoping I will be reimbursed very soon as I still have not booked accommodation in Wellington.

I have not received the peer reviewed paper revisions yet. I don't know if that is a good thing, or a really, really bad thing!

I think that's us completely caught up for now.

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Sarah said...

I've just realised that although I often read your posts it's been a very long time since I left a comment - apologies for that.

So Sorry to hear about Ari wrist, I hope it is soon mended and I totally agree, it's outrageous to be charge for parking on top of everything else.

I think you made the right decision to move early and I hope you are all happy in your new home.

Good Job!