Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Delicious Food, ready when you are…

So, let me tell you about some awesome fun my family and I have been having in the past couple of weeks! I was given the opportunity to taste some absolutely fantastic gourmet foods from a new company which is just beginning to spread its wings in Australia. The company is called dish’d and they offer a new and exciting way to experience delicious food from around the world right in the comfort of you own home! Now, as I had the pleasure of finding out, these aren’t just any old pre-prepared frozen meals, they’re the kind of food you find restaurants, prepared by an experience chef who wants to offer something innovative, creative and tantilising!

I was a little worried about how the family would take to this, especially Bryn who has, well, let’s say, an extremely (frustratingly so) discerning palate (in layman’s term, he’s a fussy eater)… So, I ordered a range of side dishes, mains, and desserts, some more recognisable to the kids such as spring rolls and vegie lasagna. As I was going away that week, I scheduled the order for after I got back later, however, dish’d will deliver the following day, so if you are after very fast service, they do that, too. As it turned out, because my order was over $50 (and I was pleasantly surprised by the affordability of the dishes), I discovered I was entitled to $30 worth of free product in addition to my order, as well as free delivery as part of an introductory offer, which was pretty awesome!

The order arrived exactly as per my instructions on the day I asked for and we all crowded around the box to see the goodies. The meals are frozen and delivered in dry ice to retain their nutritional and taste credentials, which means no fear of food spoiling before you eat it!

Over the next few days we tried out a variety of meals, side dishes, and desserts including: Sea Bream and Vegetables; Spinach and Mascarpone pizza; White and Red Quinoa Salad, and the lemoniest Lemon Tart I’ve ever had, YUM!

I was particularly impressed with the sides; Baby baked potatoes, Pearl couscous salad, and the Mediterrean Salad because these meant I (ahem, the Grumpy Old Man, as dinner is his forte) could quickly grill some fish or chicken, and serve with a side dish, which was either defrosted in the fridge while we were out chasing our tails or can quickly be defrosted in the microwave in under 5 minutes – I have to say this is ideal for busy families like mine because a nutritious dinner can be served in 15 minutes from walking through the front door – perfect!

But my all time favourites were the finger foods and desserts. To be able to have those things in the freezer for special occasion – without even having to break my routine to go shopping (and just quietly, I loathe food shopping, especially with kids!) – was marvelous. I felt a somewhat smug sense of self-satisfaction when I was able to serve up a warm wild berry tart with a drizzle of cream to guests who had turned up on speck!

This Wild Blueberry Tart came out of MY oven - thanks to dish'd!

Served with a little drizzle of cream - and a large dollop of smugness...

So, how did the kids like the food? Well, Lukas LOVES the Mozzarella and Mushroom pizza. Erik’s favourite was the Thai Vegetable Green Curry. Ari couldn’t get enough of the Chorizo and Bacon Croquettes, and even Bryn had a favourite – the Potato Spun Vegetable Balls. The Grumpy Old Man loved the Petits Gratins De Crab and for me the standouts were the desserts; particularly the Bacio Gelato, but also Apple Le Carré Feuilleté!

It is safe to say we were all impressed and there was something for everyone’s taste!

Is your mouth watering yet?

Well, I’m not just here to brag about how I got to eat lots of yummy food delivered right to my door… I am offering you the chance to win a $50 vouncher if you live in metro Victoria or New South Wales. For a chance to win this fabulous prize simply answer the following question:

What about dish’d service appeals to you?

Be quick, this competition closes on December 23rd, 2014!

To help you answer this question, have a look at their range, and keep in mind the meals are frozen to lock in nutrition and taste and that they are delivered right to your door the very next day if needed – as a busy mum, who loathes food shopping, that’s very appealing, but there is so much more that appeals as well. Really, have a look at their range on the dish’d site!

I am already being asked when we’ll put in our next order, and with all the business of Christmas and school holidays, I suspect it will be very soon!

Disclaimer: For the purposes of this review I was provided with a voucher to sample a range of products, and a fee for my time writing this review. My opinions are wholly my own.


Anonymous said...

WOW! I was not expecting it to look so amazing :) I am truly inspired to try this product out! Makes the ones on the market now look terrible... wow x 10 :)

RossS12 said...

What appeals to me about dish'd is the quality of the ingredients and being able to know exactly how long before my meal is ready... two things that I have been very disappointed about when using different takeaway home delivery options.

Mrs M said...

Oh my goodness how delish does that chocolate ganache and salted caramel tart look, and the marinated scallops. Too much goodness to choose from.

Jayne said...

What appeals to me about dish'd most is naturally food I don't have to cook. Especially when run off my feet doing ALL the things. That's always good. Even more appealing is dishes I don't have to wash. The BEST. The food itself looks amazing, with plenty of vego and carnivorous options.

Pagan Rach said...

The prices, wow! Much cheaper than I would have thought, when I heard about the service. Awesome!

Melissa Gijsbers said...

What appeals to me is how easy the meals are. I'm a working single mum with kids who have after school activities - and I don't like cooking. Being able to order ready made, healthy meals sounds like luxury.

Mrs Cheets said...

There are times where cooking a nutritious meal is just not doable.
Working professionals often get home late and eat badly.
I'd love to suggest this option to my brother in law as a way of eating great food without restaurant pricing or spending an hour in the kitchen after a 12 hour day!
I love the options they have on the website and how easy it is to order - if only I didn't live in SA.

Meisha said...

Wow the delivery time is really quick, next day delivery! That is so great. That mozzarella and pesto pizza looks divine, and profiteroles mmmmmmm!

Sif Dal said...

Thank you everyone for entering! The winner of this Has been decided and contacted.

Good Job!