Thursday, January 29, 2015

I do NOT stand for mercy... Let me explain why...

First let me say, I also do NOT support the death penalty.

So, okay, two Aussies are on death row in Indonesia for attempting to smuggle drugs into the country. There is an online campaign called 'I stand for mercy' with celebratory support. The campaign describes them the way one might describe a naughty ten year old who stole cookies from the cookie jar - these are grown men who were trying to profit from the suffering of others - it wasn't a stupid thing or a wrong choice, it was a planned, arrogant, greedy, and merciless act of profiteering.


I am a mother and I would be devastated if my children were in this situation, immanently facing a firing squad. I really feel for the parents of these young men.

Parents do their best to raise their children to be kind, and respectful, and to follow the law and understand the consequences of their actions and I have no doubt these parents did their best to do exactly this.


These men broke the law. And the law is in place for a good reason.

Fifty Indonesians die every day from drug related causes. Fifty sets of parents mourn the death of their child every day. Fifty families are devastated every day. Where are the celebrities standing for their mercy?

Where was the mercy from these young men when they planned to profit from all this misery?

They have been rehabilitated, and that is great. It only took being caught for them to seen the horror they were contributing to. I am against the death penalty because rehabilitation is always preferable, and the death penalty rarely stops people from committing a crime.


Schapelle Corby had been caught and convicted before these men arrived in Indonesian packing drugs. They knew the risk they were taking.

And still the drugs come. Indonesia made its biggest drug bust in history this week - and no doubt those criminals will also be sentenced to death, and no doubt their lawyers and families will beg for mercy as well...

The death penalty is a desperate law which is trying to scare drug smugglers into having mercy on the 350 Indonesian they kill every week - that's 18 200 people a year, consider that...

So, no I don't stand for mercy.

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