Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The fullness of life...

I'm about to make dinner before a few friends come over for an Intimo Party - or as the Grumpy Old Man likes to call them, a 'panty party'. We picked up the little boys' school supplies today and they are off for their first day of the 2015 school year tomorrow. There is always something happening at the moment...

So let me tell you about this last week or so...

Last week I have visits from both my dad on Tuesday and my cousin (dad's eldest sister's eldest daughter... got that?) on Thursday. We've been seeing a bit more of dad over the past few months and it's great, the boys are starting to get very comfortable with him after a number of years of barely any contact.

I hadn't seen my cousin since my granddad's funeral in 1995. In the meantime, she has grown into a woman, and a mother of four (as well as foster mother of many of the past few years). It was great for my boys to meet her youngest last Thursday.

On Saturday I went to my friend, Simone's, house with a bunch of fabulous women, and we all brought something towards dinner - yes, even me! I cannot believe it either! We had a few drinks and many laughs, and not so much sleep, but it was great fun!

On Sunday we backed up again for a day at our gorgeous friend, Julia's. Julia will shortly have a liver resection to remove 72% of her liver. She has a fifty percent chance of surviving the procedure, and only then if her liver decides to grow, which it has so far stubbornly refused to do. There is no alternative, without the operation, her days are numbered at 270. Before the 'all on red' op, she wanted to have a big party with her friends. This is so very Jules! Throwing a fabulous dress up party for her friends when so many would barely muster getting out of bed. She is doing it tough, but she still smiles.

I got to borrow a dress and a head scarf from my friends Jayne and Steph. Does we make a likely bunch of muppets!

Please excuse my self-love here, this dress just made me feel so fabulous! I am determined to get one or two, one day!

One of Jules' friends had a vintage car and I couldn't resist laying all over it (with his permission, of course)!

Dear Lord, I was a bit enamoured with myself...

Me and Jules - being all twinsie!

And then it was back to real like with a thud on Monday. I was pretty wrung out after so much fun, so  my only goal for Monday was to NOT take a nap in the middle of the day.

Yesterday, it was into school prep mode. New uniform shorts for Erik, padlocks (how do they always manage to lose their padlocks, I mean seriously, don't they just hang on their lockers???), drink bottles, a hair cut for Erik (his choice, I was shocked too), and sim cards and phone covers for Erik's recently gifted secondhand phone and Bryn's inherited phone. Got to JB Hi Fi and the dude there (he really was a dude, you know), told me I was due to upgrade my phone. This was a surprise to me because I thought that wasn't until late in the year, but he told me I could upgrade to an iPhone 6 (he offered me a Samsung, ha!) AND I'd get 1GB more data AND it would cost me $10 LESS a month. So, I got a new phone, and so Erik got my old phone, and Bryn got the phone Erik had been gifted. Lots of happy people in this house yesterday (and lots of erasing and resetting of phones). The Grumpy Old Man thinks we're all nuts, he is very happy with his push button flip phone.

Tomorrow I go back to the office and edit the peer reviewed paper one last time (they want endnotes, not footnotes and full names in the bibliography). On Monday the big boys go back to high school...

And I guess life goes on. I am extremely grateful for that.

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