Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Loaves and Fishes - Our Government thinks it's Jesus now...


So, the other day 4 Corners did a piece called The Jobs Game, where they pretty much exposed a lot of Jobs Services Providers for being downright crooks! Not all JSPs, but certainly too many, are forging positive results (i.e. that they're getting unemployed clients into employment) to receive payments from the Government so they can stay in business and then defraud the taxpayer some more.

Of course, there has been a big outcry about this! Many believe JSPs are not doing their jobs properly, they are selling false hope to job seekers, while keeping them busy doing job training courses which will not lead to work. All because the Government wants to see job seekers jump through hoops to earn their income support payments.

As well as this, the Government will tomorrow, release information on its plan to restructure income support payments in response to a review led by Patrick McClure AO - you can read about it here...

So, there is a possibility 22 different pensions will be streamlined into 5 (with at least one having two or three tiers). This means that some people on, say, disability pensions, will be moved into a job seeker category because they are deemed 'eligible to work at least 8 hours a week'.

As a person with a disability who would like to work, this means I would receive support from a Job Services Provider to find employment, and hopefully, in the wake of the 4 Corners report, that JSP would be helping me to a much higher standard than many currently are...

Both these things fail to acknowledge one crucial piece of information.

There are, currently, in Australia, around 750 000 job seekers.

There are, currently, in Australia, around 150 000 jobs.

You don't have to be particularly good at math to see there is a discrepancy of 600 000 jobs required to make that equation work.

And when the Government decides another 150 000 or so people on the disability pension are, in fact 'eligible to work at least 8 hours a week', the discrepancy will blow out even farther.

Somehow, the Government seems to think it's going to take its 150 000 jobs (let's call them the loaves and fishes) and feed upwards of 900 000 jobseekers (let's call them the people, because, you know, they're people).

That's a miracle I would be willing to see!

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