Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Sing it out!

I've written before about my love of singing. I find it very relaxing. I sing as much as possible, but there is a big difference between singing to the radio and singing in a choir.

The latter is something I've done off and on since I was nine or ten, and I have always loved it. The last time I was in a choir was fifteen years ago. Over the past fifteen years, I've often considered finding a choir to join, but being agoraphobic and not driving, I've shy away from joining another choir.

At Christmas, mum, s-dad, and I went to the Swedish church to hear their choir sing. This was the choir I had been in previously. We enquired about possibly joining the choir again, and were told we would be very welcome, and so on Monday night we drove down to Toorak and rejoined the choir. We were two of five new members, which was great, and they were still singing the same songs we sung with them fifteen years ago, so it wasn't too challenging.

That said, my voice is so weak now! It is evident to me that I haven't sung in a choir for many, many years. I also found I was quite breathless on several occasions! I'm really looking forward to training up my lungs and vocal chords again! 

A more pleasant surprise was that I thought my voice had possibly dropped a bit over the years - I have always been an upper range soprano - but no, it seems I still have it! 

Even though the choir is a commitment - every Monday night, and one Sunday each month, as well as a trip away every second year (not sure if this is an off or on year) - I actually think doing something completely different will be good for me. 

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