Breaking through...

Today is a day for breaking through.

I had a weightless goal for the end of February, but didn't make that goal at the time. Almost three weeks into March I finally crossed the threshold I've been working towards crossing since the beginning of the year. It felt great, I have to say! It was a long time coming and I was frustrated at several points of the journey, but I kept going, determined to get there, and finally I did! I still have a ways to go for my ultimate goal but to have crossed this threshold is very affirming and inspires me to keep going!

I have also started writing Chapter One of my thesis (again, since my previous chapter one which became a paper which is now published here, is now the introduction to my thesis). I was feeling very daunted by the new direction of my thesis, the words didn't feel like they were mine - as I wrote in my last blog post -, but I kept reading and researching and it is all starting to come together now. I have to have the first thousand words written by next Wednesday, and that seems quite doable now.

So, some of the turmoil I was feeling over the past couple of weeks has subsided and I've come out the other side feeling more positive.


It's hard work, life, don't you think?

Oh, another breakthrough! The Grumpy Old Man and I had a meeting with Lukas' music teacher on Wednesday, and it was a very positive meeting. Nothing like the meetings we had with his teachers last year. He is working with a different band in music this year and the other kids in his band are all in year 9,10, and 11 equivalent (Lukas is year 8 equivalent), and they have all also had a lot more instrument and music experience than him, and so they're all pretty motivated. Lukas, for his part, has risen to the challenge of keeping up and showing a lot of progression both in his skill level and his attitude and maturity in class. His teacher was basically very impressed with him. This is a big breakthrough for Lukas as, over the past couple of years of school, he seems to have been skating a bit.

So, a more positive blog post this time, thank goodness!