Oh the pain, the self-inflicted pain!

Well, this week has been much more painful than I thought it would be.

I have four new holes in my body.

Three of them are for bling in my ears - I finally got my second lobe piercings and then went for another helix (cartilage) piercing in my right ear. I've been meaning to get these for a while - the second lobe piercings for about two decades, and I finally found a place where I had a rapport with the staff and went for it. Yes, it hurt, and the helix really hurt, but the pain was just a few seconds long and I'm so happy with the result.

The fourth hole was something entirely different. You see the car has been underivable this week due to someone who will remain nameless attempting to drive off with the handbrake on, and therein gauging the brake pads so badly the entire brakes had to be replaced... Mum has been helping us out with school drop offs and pick ups. On Tuesday she had a dental appointment directly after the school drop off and I had an appointment later in the morning to get my ears done, so I tagged along with her to the dentist. She then talked me into signing the kids and myself in. When the clinic receptionist found out I had a broken tooth which had had an abscess on it for a couple of years, she triaged me as an emergency. So this morning I went and had the tooth checked out.

The tooth could not be saved, and so I ended up with an extraction - hence, hole number four in my body.

It's funny, you know. Going to get my ears pierced only caused me mild apprehension, but I willing took myself off and got it done anyway, for vanity sake.

Even vanity cannot get me to take myself off to the dentist! It was really only the knowledge that last Thursday I broke a fourth tooth quite badly and basically all my molars are in terrible shape. I knew that sooner or later I would have to do something about it.

The entire extraction process was completely pain free. The dentist was a great young guy who told me he'd love a tattoo one day but he's afraid of the pain! Of course, now that it has been 1.5 hours since the extraction and the injections are wearing off, my mouth is aching a bit - even with tablet painkiller on board, but the pain itself is not anxiety provoking for me, just the needle and the invasion of my mouth cavity. 

Pain and fear of pain is not a simple, one size fits all thing. An individual may be phobic about certain kinds of pain, but not about other kinds - the same person who might loathe dental work and injections in their mouth, might not even hesitate at a full sleeve tattoo, or cartilage piercings - or child birth. Three quarters of my pain this week was welcomed, the other quarter really was not. All of it was voluntary though.