Red Pen Syndrome...

Some people seem to go through life with a red pen permanently attached to their hand. They are constantly drawing red lines through all the stuff they observe in life that they judge as WRONG. I see this on Facebook all the time, and I wonder how happy these people are in their lives. Every person, situation, and concept is scrutinised for what can be found to be wanting. Every thing is frowned upon or sneered at.

And everyone must be taught how to live their lives right.

Right is always what these people deem right, based on their own life experiences.

I wonder if they view themselves as specs of sand on a beach, or boulders.

Funny thing about boulders... Over time, they become specs of sand.

How does this process occur? Is it by was a hammer of outrage smashing through all that is found wanting?

No, it is by way of water, slowly, slowly, gently, gently lapping over the boulders - wearing them away with endless patience.

There are so many red lines. Lines in the sand that will forever be crossed. Cross people melting into puddles of cynicism.

Wrong, wrong, wrong. Everything is always wrong.

There is no joy in wrong. No appreciation. No love, respect, or compassion.

Wrong is brutal.

You fail. You're wrong and I'm here to tell you, to sneer at you, and to judge you because I'm a boulder and you're a spec of sand.

Red Pen Syndrome is killing joy on the internet. It's a tragedy of epic proportions.