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Hello August!

It feels like I've been looking forward to August 2015 for about two years now. Ever since I realised the possibility of taking a field trip there in relation to my Doctoral research. Here it is, the eighth month of 2015. Now that we've arrived in this auspicious lunar cycle, I am running on adrenalin.

The next two and a half months are going to be go, Go, GO!

Last weekend, I finished up about four weeks of getting tattoos freshened up and added to. It was a painful kind of fun. Mind you backing up for a second day on the weekend was a bit much in the end. I've been sore all week, but it'll be worth it once everything is healed up.

On Tuesday we had a rental inspection - always so much fun!

Wednesday I did some souvenir shopping in the city (my rellos had better appreciate the 10kg of Australiana kitsch I'm hauling across the globe this month!), before going to the Eye and Ear Hospital in the city for an assessment, they've referring me onto the 'Duct Clini…