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Getting back in the swing of things...

It has been almost eight weeks since my last post. Those weeks are quite a blur in my memory.

On the 19th of August I flew out to Iceland, a bundle of nerves and excitement. The trip over was quite alright, three legs and long, but not intolerable. I watched a few movies, listen to music. The portable battery I bought to take along with me priceless, I was never without charge - best buy!

It was amazing when I got to Kastrup airport in Denmark and was surrounded by people speaking Danish, Swedish, and Norwegian - I felt so comfortable. I kept telling people, 'It's okay, you can speak *insert scandi lingo*, I understand you!' Of course, some people just assumed I was a Scandi and were surprised when I replied in English (because all my scandi was so rusty).

Flying over the first patch of land in Iceland was very emotional for me. Just a little farm house on a cliff top, but I was completely overwhelmed to be finally seeing my homeland after almost three decades away. There …