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Not doing so well...

I'm not doing so well.

I have a lot going on, stressful things, scary things, and really sad things.

Stressful things.

Obviously, the first thing I'll mention here is the PhD. In the past six weeks, since I came back from Iceland, I've written 53 flashes, that's almost 10 a week. It's been exhausting, not because writing is exhausting - mostly I find writing to be vary enjoyable - but because coming up with 53 new ideas in 42 days is exhausting. I've never been one to suffer writer's block, it's a gift and I appreciate it greatly, but even without writer's block, the flow of ideas will start to taper off after a while. This is especially true if you are writing with a lot of restrictions, which I am. The flashes I am currently writing need to be about Iceland, identifiably set in Iceland, identifiably modern, they need to be about identity (personal and/or national), they need to be ambiguous, and they must not be confused with poetry. Also, no clic…