Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Low Carb, Healthy Fat...

I started doing LCHF on January 1st and stuck to it quite religiously for 7 months, losing about 26kg in that time. In August, I went to Iceland and gave myself leave to eat ALL. THE. THINGS, because, you know, I hadn't been to Iceland in nearly 30 years and they have all sorts of lovely stuff that I had missed in the intervening years!

I got back in September and went back to eating LCHF, but this time I was a bit more free and easy with 'special occasions'. Still, I managed to lose another 2-3 kilos. In the past fortnight though, things went a little haywire.

A lot of alcohol was consumed, what with the $2 pots of cider at Mrs Robinson's and end of exam celebrations (not for me, but you know, I'm a very supportive friend...), and of course, Robbie going away.

So, this weekend I got back on the horse because, honestly, I wasn't feeling too great - no, I wasn't hung over, I just felt bloated and sluggish.

I've been trialling bulletproof coffee, and upping my fat intake through cream and coconut oil and butter. The excess I'd put on through the carby food and drink fest has already melted away. I am a bit headachy today, but I'm thinking I might just be a bit dehydrated because I know I haven't been drinking enough water. Water weight is the biggest thing for me when I eat a lot of carbs. Water just pours out of me when I remove carbs from my food consumption - which is good, I think because it reassures me I haven't actually put on a lot of fat during the weight gain, it's mostly just water weight.

I was relying a little too heavily on getting that dog in either October or November, I was counting on lots and lots of walking. Now that I know I won't have the dog until January, I also know I need to be a bit more grown up about what I'm putting into my body. Want does not equate need. Short term fuel is not going to sustain me, I need fuel that will give me energy for longer stretches.

It feels good to be back on LCHF... But I must go buy some water now, and then home for BACON!

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