Friday, November 13, 2015

Thesis plan and summer school...

Here is the promised image of my Thesis Plan...

It is both exciting and daunting to have this laid out like this - well, stuck on the wall, not exactly laid out.

Exciting because I have some sort of handle on what I'm doing (okay, so chapter three is a bit bare and in hind sight, I may have already covered the projected contents in the introduction, and chapters one and two... So, will have to have a rethink about chapter three). It's pretty too, all colour coded and nice. It gives me a great overview of what work I've done and what work I still have to do.

And there you have the daunting bit... I have SO MUCH work to do! This layout doesn't include the timeline for all the paperwork that needs to be covered in the last three months before I submit. By September next year I'll have all the drafting done to a fine level, and then I'll have six months to do a fine toothed comb draft and to get all the elements corresponding to one another in a dovetail fashion. Then, it's the final sprint to the finish line...

Summer school - well, this is exciting! I've just registered for Summer school! If I get into the January guide dog training, I'll have well and truly finished that by the time Summer school starts. If not then I'm counting on the next training session not to start until after Summer school finishes, on February 21st. So, hopefully that will all work out.

This is what I've put down as preferred workshops and reading groups.

Saturday Workshop:

Building, shaping, forming, researching with metaphor (one of the workshop co-ordinator is an acquaintance, so that'll be really nice!).

Sunday Workshop:

The sensory, the sensible and making sense: Practice-led research and the exegetical writing for creative practitioners

Reading Groups

Group 4:

Creative thinking and materiality in research practice

Group 8:

Finding the warrant for your research (where did you leave it?)

[Alternative] Group 9:

Self-focussed methodologies: Is it good research or just good therapy?

I'll be attending the Think Tank on the Thursday afternoon, as well as the dinner (not sure if that is Friday or Saturday night).

That's four days and three nights away from home, but at least it's half part school week, and half part weekend, so hopefully the Grumpy Old Man won't mind too much (I've been leaving him alone with the kids a lot in the last year and I know I'd probably be a bit annoyed if he left me with the kids this much).

So Excited!

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