Friday, December 04, 2015

Oh my dog!!!

A happy, happy post this time!

Okay, look at these lovely puppies - aw, aren't they sweet. I bet they made you smile! You're welcome. Their names are Heather, Hamish, Harlem, Hudson, and Harold. They grew into fine young canines, didn't they?

This middle puppy, Harlem, he grew into a very big and very beautiful dog - the most beautiful of the litter, I'd argue...

Of course, I would argue that because I'm a bit biased because, well, because he is MY dog now.

Introducing Harlem 'Polar Bear' Dal - his trainer nicknamed him polar bear for obvious reasons. He is currently 17 months old. By the time I bring him home, at the end of January, he'll 18 or 19 months old (I don't know when he was born, exactly, just yet). He is very friendly - came up for a kiss straight away, even though he doesn't know me. He walks at a brisk pace for the most part, which suits me to a tee. He's big which is exactly what I was hoping for!

Team training starts on January 11, and will go for three weeks on weekdays. On the third weekend, I get to bring him home. That weekend will just be for settling in, no harness work and no big welcome home party. Then there will be one more week of training at home before we're on our own. Only five and a half weeks until training!

The wait was sooo long! Okay, it wasn't really, I was matched in five months, but boy did it feel like a bloody long five months. I was actually having a big old pity-party whinge to the Grumpy Old Man on Wednesday about how long it was taking. How, in the year from August last year to August this year GDV had matched 70 dogs to handlers so, surely, it must be my turn soon. As I was saying this, the phone rang, and it was my case worker from GDV saying they thought they might have a match for me and would I like to meet Harlem on Friday.

Would I EVER!

I had to try not to get too excited or attached to the idea of him becoming my guide, and that was hard. Anyway, today we went for a trial walk and he really was a great match in speed, height, and temperament.

So, I had some photos taken with him (with my red-hot face from the walk), and that was that!

I have to say something - Robbie will just roll his eyes now - all day I've been seeing 27 on my watch. Seriously, 7:27, 9:27, 11:27, and just now 5:27... Yes, I'm crazy, but seriously, I am constantly seeing 27s - especially on clocks. Robbie says my brain is just tuned to look at my watch at 27 minutes past the hour, but I can't see how that is any less crazy, really.

Anyway, that's my happy, happy, joy, joy news of the week!

P.S. He is sooo fluffy and soft!


Rhianna said...

Oh that is so awesome! Congratulations. Also about the numbers are messages from Angels and Fairies. Sending lots of fairy wishes and butterfly kisses your way xx

EvieK said...

That's great news Sif, I'm really happy for you!

Anonymous said...

Super exciting news :) You and the dog will have a great time, maybe leave him at home when you are riding your unicorn :)

Sif Dal said...

Thanks everyone!

Dear :), I only riding my unicorn on dates containing 27... I'll be very busy riding my unicorn in 11 years time.

Good Job!