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The force is strong with him...

Yesterday the Grumpy Old Man and I took the boys to the movies.

We don't go to the movies very often as it is so expensive. We hardly ever go as a family, maybe once or twice a year, it is easier on the pocket to send one of the boys with friends or for the GOM and I to go on a movie date.

The whole family wanted to see Star Wars, though, so we decided to splash out. Erik had already seen it when it first came out, as he was invited (and paid for) by a friend. Despite this, he was probably the most keen out of the lot of us. He actually had a sulk attack when we refused to pay the extra $29 to go on Monday! The kid has no impulse control.

So, we managed to sit on Erik's enormous enthusiasm for twenty-four hours and booked tickets for 1.45pm yesterday. Uncharacteristically for us, we ended up rushing to get ready and out of the house (usually, in this household, when we have an outing planned, we tend to all be ready an hour early - the boys out of excitement, and the GOM and I out of anxiety about being late). We were worried about not finding a park at Doncaster Shopping Centre - that place is crazy on a regular weekday, so a lovely school holiday day was bound to be even worse. The car park did not disappoint. We headed for our usual spot, right up the back, there are always spots there, but not yesterday. Everywhere we turned there were red crosses. It was a disaster. We headed back to the undercover parking area feeling quite defeated by the situation, and then I spotted some people getting into their car.

We had actually passed them, but as luck would have it no one was behind us, so the Grumpy Old Man was able to back up. The spot wasn't very big and under any other circumstance the GOM would have refused to even attempt it. This was a dire situation though as the minutes were ticking away against us. He did what seemed like a fifty point turn, but he got us in! I was very proud of how he didn't let himself get flustered.

As a bonus, we were parked closer than we ever had been, bar once when the GOM and I flunked a park right outside the doors, and it was our first ever park under cover! Things were looking up. We decided that the GOM would take Ari up to the cinema and the rest of the boys and I would pick up nibbles at Woolworths and then meet them. We got to our seats with plenty of time to spare.

The movie was awesome!

When it finished, I asked the Grumpy Old Man how Ari had faired. Ari, notoriously, finds sitting still quite painful. He has never managed to sit through a ninety minute film, let alone a film over two hours. I had thought about trying to get mum to babysit him, but it didn't seem fair to leave him at home. The GOM had taken charge of managing him.

Anyway, as it turned out, Ari was transfixed throughout! This is some sort of post-Christmas miracle! The geek is strong with this child.

Afterwards we had a takeaway dinner in the food court. We nabbed the comfortable chairs with the best view in the (relatively) most quiet corner.

So, basically, we had what was probably the most successful outing this family has ever had!


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