The black hole...

Not in a good place right now. The Grumpy Old Man has just left for a trip away for a few days. He's doing the longest drive he's ever done and I'm worried because he's on his own and there is no one to wake him if he starts to nod off. He says he'll take a break if he even starts to feel his concentration dropping, but these things happen unexpectedly - no one willingly dozes off at the wheel.

If anything were to happen to him, our last memories would be horrible ones of hurt feelings and arguments. This only adds to my worry.

I've decided (with the encouragement of close friends) that the time has come to seek some professional help, and very likely some medication to get me back on an even keel. We can ill afford counselling, even just for me, but we'll have to do it somehow because I really need to talk to someone. I'm not equipped to deal with all of this on my own.

The transport system in Melbourne really, really sucks. Where I live, there is no outlet within a 45 minute walk that sells travel passes. I can't get on a bus to go buy a travel without a travel pass. I could order one online but it would take a week or more to get to me. So, how am I supposed to get out with the kids while the Grumpy Old Man is away?