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Teeth, roadworks, and pupil free days...

Today has been fun. It started at 2am. I was awakened by the brain frying combination of throbbing and stabbing pain in the joint of my right jaw. The pain was so intense that my lips and tongue hurt. I took two neurofen plus, and when those did nothing to dull the pain after an hour, I also took four panadol (yes, I realise that is more than the prescribed dose). The pain failed to subside and when the Grumpy Old Man rose to the sound of his alarm at 6.30am, I told him I hadn't slept and would not be going into uni today - I'd work from home after some more hours of attempted sleep.

Around 7.30am, a council worker knocked on our door to tell us the roads encircling our block are all to be ripped up and relaid in the coming three days - and could the Grumpy Old Man please relocate his car if he intended to leave the property in that time.

The work commenced immediately, and loudly. Needless to say, I only managed to doze over the next four hours.

When I finally got up at 11.30…

Revving the engine... Giving myself a pep talk.

Right back into it all tomorrow.

It might be the middle of February, but it feels like my year is just about to start after a long period of 'distractions from real life'.

I did a count up this morning and when I get back from Geelong in a week's time, I will have been away from home for seven weeks in the past six months. That is a LOT for me. Before the trip to Iceland, the longest I'd been away from my family (without any kids) was three nights, and that was when I went to Wellington fourteen months ago. So, I'm looking forward to a long spell of just being at home, in the routine. Going to uni and working during the week, and being at home and present for my kids on the weekend. We all desperately need that routine right now.

I also need to get on top of my health issues. I'm on a slew of medications right now - both prescription and over the counter. I need to take better care of myself. So getting back to basic whole foods, regulating my sleeping again, g…

What's up? It's February already???

I've been so busy these past few weeks there just hasn't been any time to update the blog. This afternoon is the first time in a very long time I've had the house to myself and not been so exhausted I just wanted to sleep. So, here we are guys, and it's almost the middle of February. At the end of this the intermission I took from my degree comes to an end, my guide dog training concluded this morning. There will be follow ups in one month, three months, six months and twelve months from now, but those only go for a couple of hours or so.

I was feeling very burned out from the PhD, I have to admit, and even this time last week was still dreading going back to it, but this week I'm starting to feel the pull of the work again - which is a good thing. I've started thinking about what I need to launch myself into next week before summer school.

The boys are back at school and so far, so good. The issues we were dealing with last year are not squared away, but we…