Revving the engine... Giving myself a pep talk.

Right back into it all tomorrow.

It might be the middle of February, but it feels like my year is just about to start after a long period of 'distractions from real life'.

I did a count up this morning and when I get back from Geelong in a week's time, I will have been away from home for seven weeks in the past six months. That is a LOT for me. Before the trip to Iceland, the longest I'd been away from my family (without any kids) was three nights, and that was when I went to Wellington fourteen months ago. So, I'm looking forward to a long spell of just being at home, in the routine. Going to uni and working during the week, and being at home and present for my kids on the weekend. We all desperately need that routine right now.

I also need to get on top of my health issues. I'm on a slew of medications right now - both prescription and over the counter. I need to take better care of myself. So getting back to basic whole foods, regulating my sleeping again, getting plenty of fresh air and movement - you know, doing all the stuff that nurtures my body and doesn't let my emotions rules my world.

Having Harlem helps. I have to get up by 7am for him - it's like having a baby again. I can go back to bed after he's been toileted, fed, and played with on the weekends, but during the week it'll help move me along.

I'm anxious about being behind on my research. There is nothing to do but keep going. It won't be a great first week because there is Summer school, but everything I manage to do will be more than I had done up to that point and if I just keep a steady pace, I'll get there. I always do. I can't let external fears affect me. I just need to keep in mind I will be fine. I'll be better than fine, I'll be great - as usual! I really am the only person who knows exactly what I am capable of achieving. I got this far because of me.

Ah, a good pep talk never goes astray.