Tuesday, March 08, 2016

The clock struck two...

I can't sleep. Aaaargh! I've taken all the medications that usually knock me out and I still can't sleep.

I've done some maths - you'd think that would work right? Counting words instead of sheep, trying to work out how many words of my creative artefact I've written so far... 38 066. As it is flash fiction - which compresses the narrative similarly to poetry, we're working with a 7:10 ratio, so that every seven words I write in flash equates to ten words in prose forms such as a short story or a novel. With that equation, I've written equal to 54 380 words. I only need 60 000, so I'll well cross that line as I have another 66 flashes to write (which, averaged out to 250 words each would brings me to 54 566 net, or 77 951 gross), just scraping in under the upper limit.

But I still can't sleep.

Together with the introduction and the 75% of chapter one that I've written, I have a total net words of 47 414, or 59.2% of the minimum 80 000. If I then factor in the 7:10 ratio for the creative component (so not the intro or first chapter), I've actually got 79.6% of the minimum 80 000. That's a lot more encouraging that the <50 a="" ago.="" and="" had="" half="" i="" p="" thought="" week="">
Maybe I'll be able to sleep now...


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