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The sun and the shadows...

The beach is my happy place, always has been. Sea air and the spray of the ocean never fails me.

Today we went to the beach and for a little while I was able to let the tension which has been crushing my body from the inside melt away under the sun.,,

When we left home, it was already lunch time, so we decided to stop at Hungry Jacks on the way. We let the boys order whatever they wanted, so of course they went for the most unnatural, chemical-ladened thing on the menu, a bubblegum Icey.

This morning when I got Lukas up to get ready, he said he couldn't go unless he had a rashie. With his red hair and fair skin, he burns very easily, so he was being quite sensible. He said he wouldn't swim in a t-shirt. So, the Grumpy Old Man ducked down to the shops and got him a rashie. Then he said, he didn't want to go swimming anyway because he hadn't slept well overnight and was feeling a bit yuck. I asked him if he was sure he didn't at least want to take his swimmers with him, just in case he changed his mind at the beach. He was certain he wouldn't change his mind.

Harlem had a blast, and I couldn't miss this opportunity to get a bit of a glamour shot of him with the Melbourne skyline in the background.

I wanted a photo of him actually looking at the camera, but he was so distracted by the flocks of seagulls he kept swinging his nose this way and that way until I finally said, 'Harlem, are you hungry?' That got his attention... This is his, 'Huh, what you say?' look.

I was quite looking forward to seeing him in the water. As you can tell by the laid back ears here and the lowered head, he wasn't terribly keen on the cold wet stuff lapping around his belly. He couldn't get out of the water fast enough!

Ari had a ball, and is already asking when we're going again. As I took this photo it occurred to me that this is the last summer this particular suit will be worn. We bought it for Lukas when he was four, so it's about 10 or so years old. It has worn exceptionally well, and been a favourite with the boys.

When Bryn got out of the water (the last one out, as usual), he was so cold he ran across the sand like Popeye, all bowlegged and fists pumping.

So, back to Lukas not wanting to swim, and definitely NOT wanting to swim in a tee shirt...

Of course, afterwards we had to have ice-cream. It was much warmer than this photo suggests, though the wind had picked up considerably by the time we were leaving, it was a perfect weather day for the beach, not too hot, and not cold, with a nice breeze.

Ah, the family tradition of eating ice-cream cones from the bottom - it wasn't necessary with these waffle cones, but old habits die hard.

This is Harlem nearly pulling Lukas over as he snuffles around the garden bed on the foreshore.

Yesterday afternoon, Ari had been playing out in the back yard and when he finished he asked me to come out and have a look at a chalk picture of The Joker he had drawn. I have to say, I am pretty impressed with his drawing, the proportions and the colours. We might have another artist on our hands here...

It was a really nice day, and for a while I felt pretty good.

As we were driving in the driveway my GP called. I'd apparently missed an appointment at the Eye and Ear Hospital a fortnight ago. I had no idea I even had an appointment then. While I had her on the phone, I asked if she'd received a letter from my neurologist about a new medication which treats both epilepsy and migraines at the same time. She checked and she had. So, I have an appointment with her on Tuesday to get a prescription for that. I am also going to get my anti-anxiety meds increased because this last week has obviously completely up-ended me.

I texted Erik again last night, and he returned my text this morning. He said he hoped we were having fun. The kid is clueless, really. He just doesn't get the impact of his actions. I don't know if it would make him happy that we've all been stressed, or if he just wouldn't care either way. I don't get the impression he would be upset to hear we have been upset though. He expressed frustration over me changing the passwords to his email accounts and social media (something I have a legal right to do as his guardian, by the way, and I did it only to gain access to make sure he was okay), Obviously, he was frustrated, I get that, but how can he not see our frustration over his constant lying and stealing - why is it always a one way street with this one?

I was able to confirm that the girlfriend's mother did give him an iPhone 6s. Something about that just doesn't sit right with me. She has only known my son for maybe four months. Even then she hasn't spent a lot of time with him. But just four days after him moving into her house, she gives him a phone worth several hundreds of dollars, if not over one thousand. He already had a phone, a pretty good phone, an iPhone 5. He didn't need another phone, or another phone number, and certainly not a top of the range smart phone. It just doesn't sit right with me. Is she trying to buy his favour? Why? What happens when he and her daughter break up (oh, I know, it might be true love and last for years, but seriously, they're 15 and 16, the odds are stacked against them). Will she take the phone back? Would he be worried that she might take the phone back and so not break up with her daughter and move out. It seems like a huge outlay (either an upfront purchase, or a long contract which would have to be in her name), for someone who has only just taken a kid in.

I hope he doesn't end up feeling like he owes her because she gave him an expensive phone. Certainly, she is shifting the power dynamic.


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