Friday, May 06, 2016


I have about half an hour until my bus leave - having just missed the bus I intended to take because I was fussing about. A week ago I really wasn't sure if I'd get back to uni this week. I went to extend my intermission several times, but embarrassment, more than anything else, stopped me from submittng the form. My friends and the Grumpy Old Man encouraged me to go back. So, back I went, on shaky legs, and with my arse dragging.

It hasn't been the most productive of weeks, but slowly, slowly, I've gotten my mojo back. I have a clear path forward set in my sights now and know what I'm doing, which is a big deal for me because this time last week I wasn't sure I could even remember what I was researching.

I've had a couple of skype chats my mate, Robbie, which have cheered me up no end, and I have caught up with other PhD candidates here on campus. I had a couple of visits from friends last week as well. Face-to-face contact is very important for human well-being. It makes all the difference.

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