Thursday, May 26, 2016

Tichel me all the colours!

This week I started wearing headscarves daily. I wear them after the fashion of the tichel, which is the  Yiddish word for the headscarf worn by observant married orthodox Jewish women. I find this style the most flattering and user-friendly for me, but it also is culturally attractive to me as my paternal great-grandmother was a Jewess. I do not wear it for religious reasons, but respect those who do.

So, why have I chosen to start wearing a tichel? Well, my reasons are both practical and esoteric so I'm not going to share them here. Suffice it to say, I choose to wear a head covering.

My love affair with head coverings has been long - I wrote a blog post about it several years ago when I first flirted with the idea of wearing headscarves regularly. Even though I had a bob at the time, I struggled with the scarves slipping off my head. As much as my mother insists I have a lovely rounded head shape like my father, this simply isn't the case. The back of my head is flat, and scarves and headbands ride up all the time. As, well as this, I have very fine hair - lots off it, but fine, and soft, and smooth, and slippery scarfs slide back from my forehead all the time...

This put a stop to me wrapping my hair all those years ago, which was very disappointing.

Recently though, I came upon some YouTube videos by some women from a business in the US called Wrapunzel and there I learned about a thing called a 'volumizer' which is a cap you put on your head and in the back it has a pad cell that gives your head a little extra, well, volume.

Not only that, but these volumizers come with a velvet non-slip headband, which stops scarves riding up in the back and slipping back in the front. Abso-bloody-lutely brilliant! So, I let MIL kindly gift me a volumizer for Mother's Day and it arrived last week.

I feel so lovely in the headscarves. So graceful and even a bit serene - which really is so much better than I have been feeling in recent month. There is an added benefit of warmth in this colder May weather. I'm getting to express some creativity as well. Since the beginnning of March my wardrobe has transitioned to a monochromatic theme of black, white, and greys (mostly greys), and the scarves are a colourful focal point in my outfits now. This is working very well for me!


EvieK said...

Looks fab! You are very pretty:)

Sif Dal said...

Thank you! That is a really lovely thing to say!

Good Job!