Friday, January 13, 2017

50 things about me...

1 - I cannot sit still, it makes me irritable. I have to be shaking my legs, or bouncing, or swinging in a chair. (I LOVE my egg chair!)

2 - The only reality shows I like are 'Real Crimes' shows.

3 - I haven't read a novel in at least for years, and I haven't listened to one either. As a writer, I have a strange kind of guilt about this.

4 - I get eye strain so bad that it feels like my eyes are swollen and on the brink of bursting. I get eye strain in both eyes even though I can't see a damn thing out of the left eye. It just doesn't seem fair.

5 - I like Brussels sprouts.

6 - Coconut oil smells like vomit to me.

7 - My kids and I share a wicked sense of humour that poor Dave just doesn't get. It's quick and a lot like sparring, but all in good fun. He just thinks we're talking nonsense. I secretly love that I've passed my sense of humour onto them.

8 - I love modern art.

9 - I've cried at the deaths of five public personalities. In order:  John Candy, because he seemed like such a nice guy and he died so suddenly; Princess Di (I cried for three days straight), not for her so much as for the loss of life, of a person who struggled so much with themselves and with their reality -just when they seemed to have found some peace; Whitney Houston because her voice was so beautiful and her life with Bobby Brown had changed her so much - I always hoped she find her way back to a safe place, and then she died; Robin Williams because he brought so much joy, and insight, and talent, and hair to the world but succumb to a disorder that robbed him of his ability to see how much people needed, appreciated, and loved him; finally - of course - George Michael. My George whose voice made everything better. I just can't believe he's gone.

10 - I have terrible insomnia, as I write this it is 6am and I haven't slept all night. Melatonin fixes my insomnia, but I ran out a month ago and haven't been able to afford to get any more.

11 - I'm a neat freak, except in my own bedroom where I have a magnificent  floordrobe!

12 - I like me coffee white and my toast black - okay, not black, but quite brown.

13 - I love courtroom dramas as a movie genre.

14 - I don't like to get wet, but once I'm in water, I'm in my element! I am the sort of person to needs a shower to wash off their day.

15 - Elephants are my familiar, my totem animals, and I often get gifts featuring elephants because I love them so much.

16 - I'm addicted to research. I am constantly researching something, whether it is the life of someone in history or popularity, or the etymology of a word, or cultures and subcultures. If I don't have something to research, I feel unsettled.

17 - I love to paint, or rather pour paint. I'm a colourist rather than a painter.

18 - I'm a post-duelist, I believe there is no good or bad, not right or wrong, no beginning or end. Every is everything else.

19 - I'm superstitious in some ways. I believe the number 27 and George Michael singing are auspicious to me. I believe the connection speaks to each of us in a language we understand and for me seeing the number 27 or hearing George Michael is having the connection tell me to take note of my surroundings.

20 - Likewise, I believe if I'm creating something, a social media entry, a baked good, a story, and it is undone in some way, it means, 'Stop. This is not the right direction - try something else.'

21 - Feet gross me out.

22 - I loathe wearing shoes, they cause me to feel claustrophobic.

23 - I crave sunlight, but am not an outdoorsy person.

24 - People who don't own their choices are people I can't be friends with.

25 - I believe sexuality is fluid and cannot be categorized as 'straight', 'gay', 'bi', 'trans' or 'a'. I do not categories myself as any of these.

26 - I don't like the colour brown.

27 - I love silence.

28 - I worry about monopolizing conversations. I know I do it, and I'm constantly trying to keep it under control. The struggle is real.

29 - I can zone out to scary levels, like ,'I didn't notice the truck that just crashed through our lounge room wall' scary.

30 - My current favourite word is 'shenanigans' and I can't seem to find an appropriate time or place to use it, which is annoying.

31 - My current least favourite word is reconnoiter. I didn't even know how to spell it and Google was not very helpful at all! That word gets stuck in my head like an earworm - my brain repeating it over and over like the song that never ends.

32 - Morning light makes me sneeze.

33 - I have discovered my favourite coffee cup and convinced myself if it ever breaks, I'll just have to stop drinking coffee.

34 - I didn't know I had blue eyes until I was 44, and when I found out I was so excited because I always wanted blue eyes.

35 - My passport says I have hazel eyes. I want a new passport.

36 - I have a goal to visit Hawaii. I've been to Iceland, Japan, and New Zealand - all with similar landscapes because they are situated where two tectonic plates converge, and I feel like I need to go to Hawaii to finish some sort of quest.

37 - I've decided to rename my next guide dog Sherlock, I don't care if it is a boy or a girl, it will be Sherlock.

38 - Most of the nic-nacs in my house are made by family members, be they pottery, paintings, statues, furniture, or craft works (the nic-nacs, not the family) - and this is why I'll never be a minimalist.

39 - I gag every time I brush my teeth.

40 - Being ambidextrous, I can apply mascara with either hand, so no mascara on the bridge of the nose for me.

41 - I can thread a needle in seconds with my eyes closed. I have a 95% first attempt hit rate.

42 - I can't wink or whistle.

43 - I am a whiz with bedding. I can fold fitted sheets and dress a duvet in less than a minute - and therefore I am relegated to doing these jobs every time. Yay...

44 - I love telling stories - but couldn't read a story aloud if my life depended on it.

45 - I can take any snippet of conversation I hear and build a story around it.

46 - I am profoundly aware that strangers' lives carry on after I see them - and I'm extremely curious what those lives are about.

47 - The incorrect use of subject/verb agreement by native English speakers is like fingernails on a chalk board for me, as is people using 'I' when they should be using 'me' - hint: it is not always 'X and I...'.

48 - I love road trips.

49 - Reading braille gives me motion sickness.

50 - Nothing is as satisfying to me as making people laugh. If I had a super power I'd want to be that.

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