Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Bryn's last year at primary school...

Today was a big milestone day in this house; our Bryn started his final year in primary school. Every time I thought of this day during the last year, I felt my guts jig. Like almost every other parent whose child seems to be growing at the speed of light in front of them, I stand gaping helplessly at the prospect of my baby leaving home. Okay, I'm getting ahead of myself, but seriously, I'm afraid to blink. Don't blink, whatever you do, just don't blink.

I've posted most of these photos in another post on this blog, but he's so cute, I don't think it'll do any harm to repost them all these years later.

Look at those shorts! They're like culottes, he inherited them from his big brothers, and Ari just grew out of them last year. His uniform was all size 4 and it still swam on him.

He had great hair, don't you think? The relevance of this question will become clear further down. He was pretty excited that morning. He'd spent the previous 3.5 years tagging along with me to drop offs and pick ups, so to him, the school was 'his' and he had been counting down the sleeps to this morning.

Erik and Luey were starting
grades 4 and 3 respectively. Luey was pretty happy to not be the 'youngest' Bird boy at school anymore. We only lived a few hundred metres down the road from the school - on the same street - so the plan was for the  boys would walk Bryn to school and home again. Not during the first month, because he was finishing early during those weeks but after that. So, that morning we 'practiced' with them walking him to school by letting them walk ahead.

Seriously, how cute were they?

Like his brothers, Bryn went on to love going to school. He had the same opportunity as the others to come home and be homeschooled if he changed his mind about formal education - he never did.

Sadly, unlike the older two, Bryn was not able to finish primary school at the one school. A year and a half ago, we transferred the younger boys to a new school when the old school failed Ari. Bryn was not a fan of this move. His friends at the other school had been a bit hit and miss when it came to consistency and decency, though, and it didn't take long before Bryn made new friends at the new school. His new friends have made a great difference to his sense of belonging, rounding out his school experience.

So, today he started the last year of primary school. He's exploring his identity as an emo and so you will not be able to see half his face in these last couple of photos. Being his totally lame mum (do we still use the word lame?), I much prefer the hair he took with him into prep. Setting that aside, I can tell he was swinging between being pretty chuffed at being one of the oldest kids at school - a senior, and knowing that at the end of the year he'll be saying goodbye to some of his friends.

Uncharacteristically, he was actually okay with having his photo taken. He didn't hide behind his hands, which is the current, expected response to having a camera pointed in his general direction.

Um, just to kind of mirror the photo at the top of the blog with the three boys in it, I had our youngest baby join the boys in Bryn's old position...

Finally, here is the obligatory side-by-side. Someone said to me that he's changed a fair bit. Being his mum, I really can't see it. Yes, his face is longer, his chin less pointing (because his not grinning), his hair is just awful (C'mon, I can say that, can't I? I'm sure it was in the parenting handbook...). But his eyes are still gentle. 

Honestly, it scares me a little that next year he'll be starting high school. That's pretty much how I
felt when he was in 4 year old kinder. Primary school seemed like a big place for such a little person. He grew into it, he'll grown into high school, I'm sure.

Meanwhile, I'm going to savour this last year of him being a primary schooler - even if he is a proud older-than-most-of-the-others grade 6er.

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