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Happy 2017 Everyone!

Can it be? Has Sif actually sat down at her keyboard, opened her blog, and wrote a post? It must be a New Years Miracle! Well, something like that, anyway.

This is the second time I attempt this blog post. The first time I tried using VoiceOver, but it seems I still have a ways to go with that particular accessibility mode. So, I'm back to using zoom for the time being, I guess.

Today, I'm going to list my intentions for 2017. I thought this might be a good way to focus my thoughts on the wonderful year ahead. Let's get to it!

In 2017, I intend to:

* Breathe - breathe deeply, expand my lungs, push my diaphragm down, relax my shoulders, and let those endorphins flow. Take deep breaths when I feel overwhelmed, or angry, or sad.

* Withdraw from the PhD.

* Hug a tree - that is get in touch (literally) with nature. Yesterday was a beautiful day and I went out into the back yard and lay down in the grass. I felt the blades prickle my skin and it grounded me in a way I haven't felt grounded in a long time. Apparently, I also haven't been out in the back yard for anything more than a few minutes in a long time, because Dave got worried and sent Luey out to make sure I was okay. Oh dear! So, curly my toes in the dirt, feeling the rain on my face, letting the wind carry my tension away - that's the idea.

* Stop apologising and start thanking people instead. Thank them for waiting, for listening, for showing me a new way I can work on myself and grow. 

* Work with my Gratitude Journal Daily - a journal I bought last year to help me focus my thoughts and intentions and work on those parts of my life that have suffered from neglect.

* Have my YA novel published and launched. I've been told the launch will be after Easter and to invite all my friends and acquaintances in Melbourne (or further afield, if they can make it). I don't have any specifics just yet, but I'll keep everyone updated as the information comes in.

* Keep writing - I have a specific project in mind, but I can't say much about it just yet.

* Walk - I'm making no promises about how often or for how long because I want this to be something I do that is a joy in my life, not a burden.

* Eat clean - I know what works for me and this year I'm going to make that my habit, just to feel better. I am hoping this will help reduce the migraines I've been experiencing with increasing regularity, and also elevate my mood and energy levels.

* Drink all the water.

* Keep growing out my hair without treating it with any chemicals or hair colouring agents.

* Continue to wear head wraps. I have found covering my hair to be liberating and a communal act of mutual support. It has had the added benefit of mediating the anxiety I have been living with for the past couple of years - so, it's a good thing and I'm going to continue embracing it.

* Volunteer with Guide Dogs Victoria. I have already put my hand up for the community education programme. I have a training day coming up on the eighteen of January, which doubles as an interview, I've heard. So, here's hoping it all goes well because teaching and advocacy are two things I have a vocation for.

* Volunteer with Vision Australia. I have heard there may be teaching opportunities with VA, but honestly, I'd be happy to doing anything.

* Be present with my wonderful, amazing, beautiful, crazy family.

* Declutter - This month I've taken up the challenge to declutter the same number of items as the date for each day. So, one thing on the first. two on the second and so on. From there I'll continue on using the Konmari system which is working beautifully with my clothes.

* Put an image with every blog post.

* Blog regularly.

* Continue to work on learning braille, learning VoiceOver, learning how to work with Harlem, and generally learning to accept that I am going blind, faster and earlier than I really expected. 

* Embrace endings and new beginnings in the knowledge that it all serves to improve my life and understanding of my place in this existence.

* Listen.

* Hear.

What are your intentions for the coming year? (you don't have to tell me, just think about it)


Anonymous said…
Great to see you blogging again Sif!
Sarah said…
HI Sif, nice to see you back at it :) have missed your blogs. Happy New Year

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