Thursday, January 19, 2017

Summer bucket list...

I'm a doer. I tend to like to 'think up problems' as Dave puts it, and then want to solve them YESTERDAY.

Of course, I don't see it that way at all. From my perspective it's more like identifying areas of potential improvement and then hatching a plan to IMPROVE. I like my version better.

So, the things I've decided to improve this summer...

1.  Repack the garage. You know how it is, everything is nicely stacked and put away, and you get a new tv, or it's someone's birthday and they get a something is a box, or the dog food comes in these big, frankly, unnecessary boxes. Hello, supplier? You're delivering by courier to the door, and the food is already in a tough bag and really isn't going to burst. Honestly, it's just fine without the boxes - which are now a shrine to cardboard in my garage.

2. Tidy and sweep out the laundry. Our laundry is downstairs, next to the garage, and has a badly stain cement floor, so we don't bother washing it. Over time, the laundry becomes a depository for old clothing that is no longer useful - usually worn out and torn. It is also a repository for Dave's ever-growing collection of liquid detergent bottle. I think he thinks they'll come in handy one day. That day has not come yet.

3. Organise hard rubbish collection for the old Bunkers bunks, the old washer dryer that died when we moved to this house (we replaced it with an analogue old Simpson that cost us $40 and has worked hard for the past two and a bit years).

4. Clear out the little boys toy/hoarding cubes in their Expedit shelves from Ikea. It's been a while since the last purge of little bits of paper, cardboard creations, baby toys they've forgotten they even had, and unrecognisable broken bits of plastic they cling to, whispering, 'My Preciousssss"

5. Rid the house of furniture that we no longer even realise is 'there'. Things that aren't particularly useful, and that we keep walking past and not even noticing because they've 'just always been there'.

6. Donate my CCTV to Vision Australia now that I'm decided to withdraw from my PhD. I received it from them to help me with my studies, but I'm not going to use it enough to justify keeping it to myself when there are students out there who can't afford their own but who would benefit greatly from have access to a CCTV.

How is my bucket list going? Well,

1. The garage is mostly done - just a few more things have to be sorted and taken to the op shop.

2. The laundry has been cleared and swept out - it looks amazing compared to how it looked before.

3. The hard rubbish pick up will be here next week and the things going onto the nature strip are set up in the driveway ready to be moved to the grass.

4. The boys' boxes have not been tackled yet, but there is still time before school goes back.

5. The furniture has been listed and the grandfather clock, cabinet, and candelabra have all been claimed and will be picked up before the end of the weekend. The corner tv stand is still looking for a new home.

6. I have yet to contact Vision Australia but I'll do that by the end of this week.

So far, so good.. There is always something else I can do but if I get through this bucket list I'll be very happy with the achievements these summer holidays!

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