Thursday, April 20, 2017


The last few days have all been about preparation. With only 6 days to go until I start work, I need to get ready in a number of ways. Being that this is a full time role, I won't be home most of the day on weekdays. I'll be leaving home around 7-7.30 and getting home around 6.30-7pm. Therefore Dave will be doing everything on his own at home. I really won't want to spend my weekends dragging this house back into order after everything has been left to slide during the week (and believe me it does get left to slide when I'm not around to kick arse).

So, aside from spending more of Tuesday and Wednesday, at Kensington (I'll be there again today) trying to get my head around using JAWS, I've also be decluttering - as I mentioned in an earlier blog post. I've packed up 9 boxes worth of stuff we don't use or enjoy, and I also have two large bags of clothes and scarves that aren't bringing me joy (I tend to only wear them when everything else I have is in the wash). I pared our crockery back to the essentials, and already we're seeing a benefit in that the kitchen benches are not getting filled up with dirty dishes - there simply isn't a great supply to draw from.

Tomorrow I need to list a couple of pieces of furniture for sale. I want them gone pretty quickly, so if they don't get sold within a week, I'll be listing them on a give away site - I know they'll go in minutes on there. Even though a lot of stuff is gone, I still feel like there is a lot of more that can be sorted through and passed on to people who need them more than us. The less stuff we have, the less there is to keep clean and tidy. This means I'll get to relax more on my weekends, which will be essential for my health.

I'm also working on a paper to be submitted for peer review. I wasn't planning on getting this job, so that has put a bit more pressure on the writing process, but I'm determined to see this happen. I want to keep researching and putting my work out there. Once in the blood, I think research is always in the blood. I have a couple of other papers I want to write. They seem to just come to me as I keep reading about my areas of research. Obviously, my POD is that I'm looking at it all from a Flash Fiction perspective. It's really good, actually, because I know I'm writing into a wholly new field of research.

It is all very exciting and I have a lot of organise, but I love a challenge, it keeps my synapses burning   like a fire storm. I was a bit anxious about starting work next week, but being in the building a lot this week and talking to other staff as a peer, rather than a client, and really built my confidence. As well as this, I've been told by many different people that there will be extensive training in all sorts of facets of the job and getting it done - I was offered commiserations for all the training coming my way, today. I have an induction day the day after I start. I just heard today that a friend I made at the pre-employment program actually just got a job there today as well! We might be at the same induction, which would be awesome.

Today I lodged my first receipt with MyDeductions at the ATO site, feels real. Tomorrow I ring Centrelink to let them know I'll be starting work next week. I have a loaner laptop from work to practice JAWS on over the weekend. I'll be getting my own laptop and work phone once I start work. I might also get a BrailleSense. which is an awesome portable refreshable braille display. With that I'll be able to take notes on the go, but also get on the net, and all in braille, so no strain on the eyes.

I need to take the strain off my eyes as much as humanly position now. I have been suffering some terrible migraines in the past couple of weeks. I'm wearing sunglasses almost constantly now. I wish there was some sort of safe numbing agent I could use on my eyes, or that I could just switch them off. The pain is debilitating. I'll have to go see my doctor again.

So, yeah, all kinds of preparations happening here.

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