Monday, June 19, 2017

Boring, borings...

Be warned, I'm not going to write anything new or exciting in this post. Just another little post about the good things in my life right now...

So, there's the job. I've been working for a little over six weeks now. I'm settling in and know my colleagues well enough to have a chat and laugh. The job itself is fantastic. My role is basically to connect Vision Australia with other parties, whether they be city councils, other organisation, or businesses. I am also charged with the task of connecting VA to clients and vice versa. Using the connections in the community to reach out to people who aren't aware of our full range of services, and provide them with groups and events to make social connections and to connect them with services which will encourage independence, social inclusion, education, employment opportunities. It is an extremely fulfilling job, where I get to facilitate a stronger relationship between individuals and their community. Cool, huh?

Now, the decluttering...

Last weekend, for the Queen's holiday weekend, I hired a 3.5 cubic metre skip. We'd already done a lot of sorting through our stuff, both upstairs and down in the garage and study. When the skip arrived, we filled it in 40 minutes flat. We had stuff left over. So I'll be hiring another skip in July. That was Saturday last weekend, so Sunday and Monday were spent doing more sorting and putting things into the donation or chuck sections of the garage. Each night this week I've done another cupboard or draw.

This weekend I did on top of the fridge and sorted through my files and books in the study - I ended up keeping more books than I expected. Everything has something to do with my research. All the files went into a plastic filing box to keep them safe, and easy to access. I'm going to need a second box because the one I have is bulging with files. I went through my spare and/or special cutlery draw. I'd inherit the collection of cutlery we had when I was a child. They had a distinct design on them, and could be bought in the supermarket in sets of two (like two forks, two knives etc.). Mum had collected them as she came across them. I counted 9 forks, 13 knives, and 24 teaspoons, just to name some. That collection is being donated. Everything else is staying.

Dave and I agreed that we don't need the six tall Ikea glasses, so we're donating those and just using the goblets from the same series instead. Six glasses that double as every day glasses and wine glasses, it's all we need.

I'm slowly going to start replacing the towels in the house. I'm going to start with the tea towels because they're the cheapest and easiest to replace. Then I've got a plan to buy two new bath towels every week and get rid of two old ones, I should have the towels sorted in a month or so. 

I'd like to replace all our linen as well, but I want much better quality of linen. I want linen that wears well, and is soft and not prone to pilling. It's funny how something so simple feels like such a big deal. 

The house is a bomb site at the moment. It looks like we're in the middle of packing up to move. In a way we are, only we won't be moving just yet, and all the stuff we're packing up is not moving with us. Instead, we now estimate we've let go of about a third of everything we own. That really is a big deal. Meanwhile, I have a shopaholic issue to deal with. So much stuff bought on impulse, so many bags of clothes from me and the boys. Just so many 'things' I never really needed. I really need to do something about that.

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