Thursday, June 22, 2017

That time I out-smarted myself...

Did I tell you how grateful I am for the cardless ATM function my bank has?
This morning I needed to buy some lunch for work – mainly because I’m lazy and couldn’t be bothered making lunch, pathetic hey? If I hadn’t been so lazy, I wouldn’t have found myself in the situation of needing to buy lunch and realising Dave still had my ATM card from having gone out shopping last night.
I stood in the middle of Southern Cross station wondering if I should just go hungry as self-flagellation for having been so very lazy, or if I should ring Dave and have him drive all the way across town with my card.
I was loathed to call Dave because he had a crap night’s sleep last night having experienced a gallbladder attack.
Then I remembered the cardless withdrawal function on my account. I set up a withdrawal whereby I would have a code number to tap onto the screen and the machine would spit out cash. Brilliant! I picked up my money, went and bought lunch and a hot chocolate to celebrate my good memory.
Then when I got to work I realised I hadn’t gotten out enough money to pay for the massage I’d booked for this morning.

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