Monday, July 24, 2017

I have found my way back to books...

Have you ever wondered where vegetable oil comes from? I mean, which vegetables. Avocado oil come from avocados, sunflower oil comes from sunflowers etc. and so forth but where is this 'vegetable oil' coming from exactly? What are these oily, fatty vegetables?

Sometimes I find myself asking these sorts of questions without real answers.

And then there are other questions, questions with answers. Questions that leaving me wondering why I didn't ask the question earlier.

Like, why did I not start reading audio books before now?

I knew they existed, I even signed up to Audible a couple of years ago. I didn't download any books though, and after several months of paying fees for books I wasn't downloading, I requested to close my account. Several months thereafter, I discovered Amazon was still deducting fees from my account and flew into a word processed rage with the overseas company, was re-embursed and swore never to sign up with them ever, ever again.

And then I found employment, and started traveling three hours to and from work every day. I listened to my only playlist for a few weeks, used the random play mode thingy so I felt like I was listening to a differed playlist here and there. Changed some songs up. But it wasn't very inspiring.

One of my colleagues told me about listening to audio books on the train. She's read thousands. As we ascended to our floor, her excitement about her joy at reading also rose. I hadn't read a book in about five years. Before that I struggled to read through ever diminishing near sight. I told people I'd read every plot ever written, and convinced myself I actually had. I mean, I've read thousands and thousands of books since I started reading at the age of four.

So, I signed up to Audible, and for good measure I also signed up to Audiobooks - which likewise has an app that is orange and that confuses me a fair bit. I downloaded both on one of those trial thingies. On Audiobooks I got myself a YA novel which was okay, but way too short. On Audible I got a John Grisham novel because I've always been a fan of his clause heavy sentences.

It's funny how you can get attached to a voice though. Grisham's books are mostly set in the American south, and the first one I listened to was read by one Michael Beck. When looking for my next Grisham novel I road tested a few other readers, but ended up going with a couple of books also read by Beck. Obviously, he hasn't read every Grisham novel, so I'm going to have to leave him behind at some point, but not just yet. I'm not ready.

I'm also not ready to try any new popular books. I'll get there, but for now, I want to read styles and authors I'm familiar with. I can see that I'm going to have a long and interesting relationship with audio books.

At work I'm plotting a four hour long introduction to audio book apps for our clients and then an audio book club to follow up. I've mooted taking this idea to community centres in the various councils I've been working with and so far the idea has been well received. The book clubs would be open to the general public, which would increase the membership possibilities, but also, it would allow people with a vision impairment to begin making connections in their local communities.

I'm so grateful my work colleague shared her love of audio books with me!

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