Thursday, July 27, 2017

Skipping, skipping...

I've booked my final skip - for this year, anyway, and hopefully for many years to come.

It's a big 6 square footer. I don't want to get caught out, like I did last time. We have a mass of stuff sitting in the garage. The biggest part is stuff to be donated. Dave has two weeks to do this. It is solely up to him because he drives, and he is more driven to donation than I am. Like a true thoughtless consumer, I'd probably just chuck it all - though I can see the benefit of donating. I could also put stuff on free cycle and I might yet do that next weekend if he hasn't moved most of it. That will be contingent on people picking up by the end of the weekend though. Dave wouldn't be impressed if I asked him to stay home and wait for people to pick stuff up during the week.

Whatever is left over is going in the skip.

Yay, I can't wait for this to be done.

I'm so excited at the prospect of having so much less to pack. And this is probably a good thing, because the other day Dave came home to find three cars parked around our property. Two in front and one around the corner where our driveway is. In the two in front he could see a Caucasian woman in the front of one of the cars, and some Asian people in the second car. Around the side there was a younger Asian man. He suspects they were the owners of the property, possibly with a sales rep.

We might be moving again.

Anyway, I'm not going to let the prospect of having to look for a new home cloud over the joy I'll experience over finally getting my house cleared out of all the excess stuff.

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