Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The more you do, the more you do...

Or so the saying goes.

When  I'm at the point of scheduling my blog posts because I'm just not finding the time to do them on a regular basis, I have to wonder if this is true.

I have started getting myself into work by 7.30am so I can be gone by 3.30pm. I've realised I can be a morning person, and I can be a night owl, but what I can't do, is be an afternoon person. Come 2pm I'm fighting to keep my eyes open. I'm drinking strong coffee to remain alert enough to not give in to the temptation of resting my head on my desk and just having a snooze.

If I'm out and about, then this is not so bad, it's really just in the reticulated air of the office. Whatever happened to open windows?

It's nice coming into the office at 7.20am. Usually there is only me and the manager of the other team. I always make sure to say hello, so she can be my witness that I am doing my full eight hours. Getting in early also allows me to prepare for the day, particularly if I have a meeting to go to outside of the office. Travel time is a killer, and it doesn't make much difference that I take public transport - I have access to CabCharge vouchers but am very reluctant to take a cab because Harlem is such a snowstorm.

So, not exactly sure if the more you do, the more you do really applies to me. I mean, when I get home, I usually crash out. Last week I went to bed for the night at 6.30pm! I kid you not. Mind you, that was after a long day which included being stuck in the Great Metro Failure of 2017. An hour sitting between stations, watching the brave and the stupid forcing the train doors open and jumping down onto the tracks - so much fun!

Still do the same amount as ever, I guess.

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