Thursday, August 24, 2017

Today I'll be buying a ticket in Tatts...

Yesterday was an absolutely horrendous day.

I realised on the way to work that I had forgotten to bring my lanyard with me. Besides having my travel pass on the lanyard, there is also - of course - the swipe key to the office. As I'm the second person into the office at about 7.15am, and the first person who is always there is actually on leave at the moment, I figured I'd be standing out in the cold for about 45 minutes.

Luckily for me, just as I turned up, another employee from a different team also arrive and could let me in. Good luck no.1.

At around 8.50am I was headed out of the office to a meeting at Monash university. I wasn't suppose to leave for another 30 minutes but I had to give myself enough time to go buy a metcard. After I got to Oakley station, there was a bit of a wait. Then onto a bus. About five minutes into the ride I realised I didn't have my back pack on. I had to get off the bus, cross a high way, get on another bus and just hope the bag hadn't been stolen. After a very stressful bus ride back to Oakley station, I found it still sitting at the bus stop where I'd been waiting for the bus to Monash. Good luck no.2.

On the way home I take two trains and a bus. On the last leg of the journey, I was on the bus when I realised I had done it again! I had left my bag on the train. I could not believe it. I was horrified. I had a small mental breakdown on the rest of the trip - I'm sure the other passengers thought I was nuts. I had to called the PTV for the second time yesterday and ask to be put through to the relevant station. A lovely guy at Belgrave picked up the phone and after I explained my situation, he said he'd search the train when it arrived at the station. He'd call my back in about 20 meetings. He also said it may have been handed in at another station in which case I could call 'lost and found' at Flinders Street station at around midday today. I honestly did not think I would see the bag again.

Twenty minutes later, as promised, Liam called back and said a man had handed in the bag at Belgrave. I could hardly believe what I was hearing! After being so careless three times yesterday, I had been extremely lucky three times as well.

So, today I'm going to buy a ticket in Tatts.

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