Friday, August 04, 2017

When will we move on?

This week there has been a lot of discussion about transgender in the wake of Trump announcing that transgender people would be denied the right to join the armed forces in the US. Of course, as Trump is wont to do, he didn't actually consult the powers that be in the military about his decision and they have come out overwhelmingly in opposition to this statement.

On social media there is general outrage. Everything from outright condemnation to discussions about whether or not supportive parents are encouraging their children to become transgender by supporting gender role play in young children - encouraging a girl to 'become' a boy because she is a 'tomboy' who wants to play with 'boy' things, cut her hair short, and be called a boy name. This latter debate assumes there is no such thing as gender dysphoria.

My response is 'Ugh, when will we move past this and accept that gender, sexual orientation, and sexual attraction is not binary, or even trinary, but rather - like autism and the colours - a spectrum'. In Lukas' group of friends there's at least one of the following: a heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, transsexual hetero, pansexual, a transsexual lesbian, and an asexual - I kid you not! It's quite a point of amusement that they manage to cover so many of the status. Now, some might think this is something the kids are just 'playing at', but in all seriousness this is how they feel and identify.

And why shouldn't they?

Who gets to determine what is right or wrong?

Honestly, I see the place we need to be in this world in Lukas' friends group. They all accept one another, there is no fear or shame, just being and acceptance of one another as they are.

I wear a ring, it is on my right ring finger. It is black and incomplete. There is a gap in the ring to symbolise the gap in our society which does not acknowledge same sex marriage. This ring is called a 'Until we all belong' ring and it is available on Ebay for a very low price. It also represents a movement towards acceptance of the spectrum, we're not there yet, but maybe in the next generation we'll get there - finally.

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